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How to succeed in your content strategy on LinkedIn?

With more than 800 million regular professional users of its platform, LinkedIn has become the playground of social selling, this new discipline of generating sales through social networks.

If Facebook or Instagram represent more audience, LinkedIn, beyond its professional tropism, was elected as the most reliable network . Add to that 7x more reactions and 24x more comments on LinkedIn Live videos compared to native videos produced by the same broadcasters, and you have golden opportunities for your business: corporate or personal branding. You can get in touch with LinkedIn Ads Agency in London

How to take advantage of such a pool of opportunities?

5 key steps to success on LinkedIn:

1. Define your target
2. Develop your content strategy for LinkedIn
3. Publish the perfect post
4. Engage your community
5. Measure and optimize

1. Define your target

Before you can develop your content strategy on LinkedIn, you will have to identify your future customers among more than 800 million profiles and clearly define your objectives.

The three main goal categories that attract businesses to LinkedIn are awareness, consideration, and conversions.

Then, to identify your audiences, you will have to identify certain characteristics of the professionals you want to reach. Start by selecting your existing customers that you would like to be able to clone and make them the focus of your research. Research and save the following traits to create your ideal LinkedIn personas:

– Geographical area
– Skills
– Centers of interest
– Professional experience and status (current and former)
– Trigger and challenges

2. Develop your content strategy for LinkedIn

You will now have to identify which messages you want to communicate. And how you are going to produce them.

Do you already have an editorial strategy in place? If so, try to understand the history of your company in terms of content on social networks, but also on your site. What has already been done? Have you had positive results? What went wrong? This internal audit will allow you to have a first overview of the content that pleases or does not please your audience.

Then, to position yourself, you will have to list your values, history, mission and vision. When you know who you are, you will be able to position your content strategy on LinkedIn.

3. Publish the perfect post

There’s an art to crafting the perfect LinkedIn post.

On the one hand, you have to capture users’ attention and keep it alive (something quite difficult to do these days).

And on the other hand, you must meet a certain number of criteria imposed by the LinkedIn algorithm so that it spreads your message on the platform.

4. Engage your community

The best way to engage your community and reach new prospects is to first engage your teams with employee advocacy .

Second, to create a strong community and convert, you must:
– Publish exclusively quality on a regular basis (once a day if possible);
– Share your point of view which will be unique and will bring value;
– Expand your network by connecting with users who have interacted with your posts (likes, comments, etc.). Do it fast enough for people to remember who you are when you send the invitation, and offer to continue the conversation.

5. Measure and optimize

After some time, it will be time to analyze your results and see which content generates the most engagement. Either way, identify what works and what doesn’t.

Why ? To justify your marketing efforts, improve your ROI and check if you have achieved your objectives.

LinkedIn insights on your company page allow you to optimize your posts based on performance data, and engage more in the following months.

You understood, creating an effective Content Marketing strategy on LinkedIn is not rocket science, but it requires a lot of perseverance and regularity.


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