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Everything Need To About Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant seems to be on its way to becoming the most popular artificial intelligence device for the little ones. 

Google is doubling down on this market with new features, including Smart Reply and natural language understanding technology. 

With many features already in place, there are hundreds of commands that Google Assistant can understand.

The best Google Assistant commands will teach you a list of popular and creative ways to use your AI device today even though they’re not necessarily ready for prime time yet. Also check google best command Google mera naam kya hai.

The Best Google Assistant Commands in 2022

1. Using Google to Control Your Home

– “Hey Google, turn on Soaps.”

– “Hey Google, trigger power.”

2. Using Google to Check Your Data Usage

– Hey Google, what’s my data usage?

– Hey, Google, check data usage

– Hey Google, how much data do I have left?

3. Using Google as a Copilot for Navigation

– “Hey Google, give me directions.”

– “Hey Google, get directions to [location]

– “Hey Google, get directions to [location].”

– “Hey Google, get directions to [location] by asking questions.”

– “Hey Google, show me a route to [location]”

– “Hey Google, what’s the fastest way to [location]?”

– “Hey Google, how do I get there?” etc.

4. Using Google to Get Information on Your Phone When It’s Not Charging

– Hey Google, show me the Time on my phone.

– Hey Google, is my phone charging?

– Hey Google, how much battery life is left?

5. Using Google to Play Music

– “Hey, google play music” or…

– “Hey google play [artist] radio” or…

6. Using Google to Play a Playlist

– “Hey Google, play my workout playlist.”

– “Hey Google, play my commute playlist.”

– “Hey Google, when was this song released?”

– Hey google play music by [artist] on [app] (example: Spotify)

– Hey Google, pause.

– Hey Google, skip this song.

– Hey Google, next song.

7. Using Google to Make Calls

– “Hey Google, call [phone number].”

– “Hey Google, call Mike.”

– “Hey Google, call my mom.”

– “Hey Google, call my dad’s phone.”

– “Hey Google, call (contact name)” 

– “Hey Google, call my fiancee

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Most Famous google commands of all Time

From starting with just “Hey Google” to the most popular Google commands of all Time, these are the top commands and how they were initially used by those who created them.

There are endless different commands that you can use with Google Assistant today. Some of the most famous commands for Google Assistant that have grown in popularity over time are “Ok Google” and “Hey Google.”


Google Assistant is getting smarter every day. As a result, it’s adding new abilities and features all the Time. In checkout some unique other ways to use your AI device, including:

Google Assistant has become a lifesaver for those who don’t like using the phone. It’s great for everything from checking one’s heart rate to finding out what the weather will be tomorrow morning. It’s also versatile enough to help even when one doesn’t know how they want to ask their question or command!

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