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There is a sizable demand for bloggers in this day and age. They can write well, have fresh ideas, and be fairly humorous. Composing for blogging websites is a great way to get started in the world of blogging. These are some guidelines for writing blogs:

  • Make sure your blog posts include solid writing. It’s simpler than it seems to use clear, concise language and proper grammar.
  • Do some research on the topic of your post before you begin writing. This will guarantee that your viewpoint is relevant to blog visitors and pertinent.
  • Use your imagination when writing blog posts. If you can tackle a topic in a fascinating or hilarious way, go for it!
  • When possible, use multimedia. Many bloggers like adding images and videos to their websites.
  • Make your blog posts succinct and to the point; most sites prefer compressed yet effective information (rather than long-winded essays).

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Distinctive and Original Stuff

A superb content writing service, Writing for Posting Tip helps you create appealing, useful, and engaging material for your website or blog.

We understand the importance of creating top-notch content to attract readers, boost traffic, and support your online goals. Our team of talented writers will work with you to create interesting tales and articles that will keep readers intrigued.

We Provide Following Services:

Writing content: We’ll help you develop interesting, instructive stories for your readers.
SEO: We will optimise your content to make sure that it is indexed by search engines and produces more leads.
Management of social media: We’ll collaborate with you to create interesting social media posts that promote your company and gain new followers.

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The most effective blogs often incorporate the following guidelines:

The article’s heading

  • The term from the title should appear in the subject line, preferably in the first letter.
  • Make sure to include keywords like “tutorial code examples” and “tips” in your lists.
  • Make sure to emphasise for them the benefits of reading the text.
  • See further blog posts here.

First sentence

  • Include the main keyword there.
  • captivate readers’ interest.
  • This is the painful spot.
  • Consider the benefits of resolving the issue.
  • A brief synopsis of the remedy


  • Use brief paragraphs, bullet points, and a lot of white space.
  • Every four to five paragraphs, include a relevant graphic or piece of code to summarise the topic.
  • Three to five internal Stackify links minimum (relevant pages or posts)
  • Internal and external links, as well as the anchor text they include, are powerful signals that inform Google of
  • The topic of the content you’re posting about and the pertinent information you value.
  • Two maximum external links with strong domain authority.
  • While writing about programming, don’t forget to include a few lines of code.


  • Readability, grade level, and sentence complexity in the Hemingway App
  • A more advanced spellchecker is Grammarly.
  • Use the Moz Bar to check the authority of a domain and a page.


Use headers at all times. We use headings like H1, H2, and H3 in our postings. Make sure to follow these trends. After they find that header, they go further.

  • H1 – The title of the article
  • H2 – The primary body of the article.
  • H3 Subsections of H2 Content Writer Images


Include a content-related, non-indexed, royalty-free image. Your image must be 1024 512 pixels and less than 20 kilobytes in size.

We’ll Share Your Knowledge

If you’re considering a career as a writer, Posting-tip is here to help. We’ll offer suggestions and resources to help you get started as well as address any questions you might have about the business.

See some of the most useful writing suggestions we could find. Whether you’re starting off or trying to improve your skills, we can help.

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