How Does Akashic Records Training Help You?

Do you have intense dreams about your prior life that keep you awake at night? Have you ever wondered why your life is so complicated? Do you struggle with your finances and relationships? Is your mental and emotional health suffering as a result of negative energy?  In the Akashic Records, you can find answers to your life’s “why ” questions. Take a deep dive into your own records by accessing your records on your own. Get Akashic Records training online and understand your life’s purpose and barriers.

Akashic healing takes you to a previous lifetime. You have a soul learning experience entirely free of poisonous ideas, worries, negative energy, and other negative energies, which is a key to unlocking present and future potential.

Before you learn how you can benefit from Akashic Records certifications & training, read this article to understand what Akashic Records are.

What are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a collection of books that contain information about all of your previous life. All of your lives, from the beginning to the present, are chronicled in these volumes. This means that the book of Akashic Records contains a record of all of your feelings, acts, deeds, commitments, and thoughts from each incarnation. What is the point of our existence? These texts can simply provide us with the answers we seek.

How can you access your Akashic Records?

When you get Akashic Records training, you can access your records on your own and also use this training to access other people’s records. Accessing the records is something that everyone can learn. There are no age or gender restrictions. It is all about connecting to the correct meditation frequency and channelling information into the conscious mind via the subconscious mind.

It is essential to set your desire and clearly clarify the questions you want to be answered. You can unlock this information through breathwork, meditation, exercise, or divination, such as a tarot reading or Reiki. According to Gregory, “You must have some meditation practice that has helped you build confidence in accessing your own intuition”.

Role of Akashic Records in healing trauma

They provide information that can help in the healing process. They can describe what needs to be healed ahead of time, provide clarity along the road, and assist you in determining what types of assistance are required at various phases of the process. Depending upon your Records, the story they might tell you may be framed around what is true. Moreover, they can tell that you are more significant than the things that injured you and that you can completely recover.

Now that you have gained clarity about Akashic Records, what are these and how they work, let’s move forward to how Akashic Records training can help you heal life traumas.

Continue reading the article to learn ways how you can heal traumatic experiences by getting Akashic Records training.

Understanding the spiritual reality

It is all about what you’re going through right now, and what you’ve gone through before can help you go from victimisation to empowerment. From perplexity to clarity. disorder to order. A place of hopelessness to one of hope. From shame, guilt, and self-blame to a more compassionate, more profound understanding of oneself.

This knowledge can then help you broaden your viewpoint, see things you previously couldn’t, open your heart to yourself, and use the information you’ve gained to make new decisions in the future. Choices are now made from a place of self-acceptance, hope, and empowerment.

Moreover, when you gain the spiritual reality, you will be able to find out the root causes of traumatic experiences. In this way, you can easily heal your traumas.

Clear life blocks & beliefs

Akashic Records training enables you to identify core beliefs and restrictions that cause problems in your life. Maybe you have been carrying these stumbling barriers and blocks for a long time. You will begin to eliminate these negative thoughts and situations as your records will assist you in digging deeper into them. Therefore, you will begin to feel secure and deserving when you get to know the actual issues.

Akashic Healing is the highest kind of recovery vibration, also known as divine energy, and it can assist in healing any past-life trauma. This incredible energy aligns with divine truth, love, power, and abundance.

Akashic Records Training

Do you want to learn how to access the Akashic Records? Would you like to heal yourself and receive divine guidance at the highest level possible so that your soul can travel through infinite possibilities, living in alignment with the path you were born to walk?

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