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Fors And Against Of Hardie Board

Hardie board’s popularity is evident. Here are the advantages and disadvantages that come with Hardie panel siding to ensure that you can experience the appearance in the real world. James Hardie Calgary revolutionized cement board manufacturing in the 80s. They utilized the pulp of wood instead. More Info.

Is Hardie Board As Good As People Say?

Hardie Board was the first and largest modern cement manufacturer of siding, which made Hardie Board a household name. James Hardie is well-known in the siding industry due to its Hardie Board. Hardie Board is the Kleenex for fiber cement sidings including Hardie Board. a lot of people see it as siding.

Cost, Benefits, And Disadvantages of Hardie Board 

It is compressed into boards. The ingredients are transformed into solid boards by drying them under pressure. Wood fibers are formed when you break down a Hardy board.

Hardie boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The majority of people prefer planks. The colour is already mixed into the slurry before mixing. Expect to pay between $0.50 and $1 for each square foot to take the siding removed. The removal and replacement of siding of complex structures are more costly than simpler ones.

Professionally Installed – Breakdown Of The Cost

For a house with 1500 square feet, we could estimate the amount that the job will cost. This isn’t an estimate, but rather an idea of the amount it will cost you to get bonded and experienced siding contractors to install Hardie panel siding onto your house.

Waste is an essential component of every project. It’s about 7 percent of the cost total. A majority of contractors don’t take into account the number of square feet that windows take up when determining the size of the space within the home.

It Is More Expensive To Create An Item Than To Purchase It

If you reside in a region that’s damp or cold then you may not be a fan of this kind of siding. It’s also contingent on the company you select and the distance that the siding needs to travel to the supplier of your contractor. There are some things to consider:

How Do You Choose The Best Hardie Board Contractor?

The saying “you get what you pay for” is relevant for siding companies. Because contractors with higher prices tend to perform more work, that’s the primary reason. This is why different siding contractors charge different markups for siding material and have different hourly rates to install the siding.

It is available in 24 colors, and you can pick and choose which you like the best. There are good and negative aspects to the use of a pre-painted, pre-primed Hardie board.

Hardie Board 

Is Hardie Plank Worth The Cost?

Vinyl siding is usually more expensive than fiber or cement siding. The most popular one, HardiePlank, costs more than other brands. These are the major factors that have contributed to the cost of things rising:


Vinyl siding and wood are two of the materials which are simple to create. Cellulose fibers, cement, and sand comprise some of the components. The combination that is used to create the Hardie board took some time and lots of research to arrive at.

When it comes to resale values, HardiePlank is the only siding that’s even close to HardiePlank’s value. Remodeling Magazine says that you’ll be able to get back 78 percent of your investment when you intend to dispose of your house. There aren’t many ventures that earn greater than 20 percent return. That’s a lot of money that can be spent on one company. Bathroom or kitchen renovations account for 75% of the home improvements.

Long-Term And Affordable Use

With Hardie board siding, there’s been a lot of ups and downs. People were afraid to buy fiber cement siding in 2008 because they thought their money would never come back.

In the same way, it’s getting better and better. This long-lasting product comes in various colours and textures, including wood grain. There is a real wood grain look to it, but it is resistant to water damage and bugs.

For A Very Long Period

In certain instances, the new owners might receive a warranty from previous owners. The pests won’t harm it as they can manage the salty air that comes from the ocean.

Colours And Styles of Hardie Board 

HardiePlank siding is reminiscent of the wood-like look of cedar shakes, wooden lap boards, or wood shingles in a variety of different ways. When it is dried under pressure embossing, it gives the planks a distinctive appearance and textures. The boards are available in various colours. After that, you can paint it.


The severe weather impacts a large number of people across the United States. There are hurricanes both on the east as well as the Gulf coastlines in the US. The rain is heavy in the Midwest but the weather is dry, desert-like to the west.

Check For Insects Hardie Board 

Pests aren’t able to penetrate Hardie Board, vinyl, or the siding made of metal As we’ve already discovered. Because it’s so moist in the South all year long, insects pose a huge issue. This is why it is an essential exterior.

There Are Charges For Installation And Labour

Anyone who is doing this type of siding installation requires more people and more time to prepare. Since Hardie boards are difficult to work with, putting them up can take longer. It is three times more expensive per square foot for Hardie board over vinyl siding. Additionally, there will be a need for more sophisticated equipment.

Hardie Plank Siding

Because HardiePlank siding is more difficult to put on than other types of siding, like wood and vinyl, it takes more time to put on. Even though the result may look like the other, that is the only thing they have in common. Installers who are knowledgeable and skilled are very important. You’ll need special nails and a unique way to prime and close wounds to work with this material. Click here for More Updates.

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