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Sustainable Asset Management Solutions: E-Waste Management Services in Singapore

1. Efficient On-Site HDD Degaussing

SAMS E-Waste Management Services will offer mobile, on-site degaussing as a secure form of data destruction and a cost-effective alternative to degaussing and destruction. Using the latest in degaussing technology, SAMS can perform the media degaussing at the customer’s location or alternatively can organize to have the media transported to the closest SAMS facility. Following degaussing, SAMS can provide a complete and secure destruction of the media, returning an itemized list of the destroyed media for the customer’s records. Offering full traceability and reporting, the on-site degaussing process is a flexible and secure form of data destruction.

Degaussing, or demagnetization, of media is the permanent removal of data from it. This is a process requiring specialist equipment and can be an expensive option for total data removal. The degaussing process destroys the magnetic field of the media, ensuring the data is destroyed. With over 2.2 terabytes of information stored on a typical high capacity hard disk drive, many organizations rightly view this option as a cost-effective form of data destruction. However, degaussing can be logistically complicated as it requires the transportation of the media from the organization to the degausser and then onto destruction. During transportation, there are risks of lost or stolen media, and the process can interfere with the organization’s ability to access the stored information.  Sustainable Asset Management Solutions offers efficient on-site HDD degaussing services to ensure data security.

2. Guarantee HDD Shredding and Degaussing

SAMS’s method of HDD destruction carries no risk of refurbished HDDs being inadvertently placed back into the market. SAMS has developed a custom method for HDD destruction, by use of a punch press to puncture the housing and case of the hard drive and then applying force to separate the top section of the drive from the platters. This can be witnessed by the client and is the most efficient method of destroying the HDD. Where platters and housing remain intact after being degaussed, it can be difficult to ensure 100% destruction. SAMS intends to set these funds aside to subsidize environmentally friendly methods of data destruction. SAMS can provide photos and sample shredded HDD materials as evidence of destruction.

Recent technology has seen HDDs being shredded and the aluminum and platters being separated from the ferrous metal bits. This has meant the quality of HDD shredding has decreased as vendors are finding it too costly to transport shredded HDD materials to the market where recycling can occur. Degaussing of HDDs destroys magnetically recorded data by changing the alignment of magnetic domains. This is often referred to as a bulk erasing of media. Degaussing can also affect CRT monitors and other electronic equipment. Also, HDDs that are later found to be reused would need to be re-degaussed after being purchased and then re-used.

SAMS already has a strong focus on preventing landfill at all costs, sending materials to downstream recyclers for further processing. Allowing HDDs to be shredded or degaussed in-house would mean HDDs would need to be removed and then sent to a recycler and possibly smashed to separate platters. This would not meet the data destruction needs of our clients and would increase the chance of HDDs being misplaced and sent to landfill. We guarantee HDD shredding and degaussing to provide peace of mind regarding data destruction.

3. Certified On-Site SSD Shredding

Certified on-site SSD shredding provides an additional level of security for handling digital data. We provide our clients with confidence that the data on their end-of-life electronic storage media is completely destroyed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Data security is an increasingly important element of responsible asset management. SAMS’s shredding process is designed to firmly stand between the data and anyone who should not have access to it, making it impossible to retrieve or reconstruct. At the end of each shredding process, we provide our clients with certification that their media has been securely destroyed, making it easy to demonstrate their compliance with legislation and their commitment to data security. Our certified on-site SSD shredding services adhere to the highest industry standards for secure electronic waste disposal.

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