Why to Choose Freight Forwarding Companies for Shipping from China?

Choosing Freight Forwarding Companies for Shipping from China

Trade with China has always been a profitable business since the centuries. The silk trade route was the earliest trace of Chinese trade with the rest of the world. With the trend of globalization, international trade has increased with China. China is the epic centre for E-commerce business product sourcing. Most of the businesses prefer to procure products from China due to cheap labour costs. The recent increase in the E-commerce businesses has increased the demand for shipping of goods from China. Shipping from china is done using sea freight or air freight. The recent project of the CPEC China Pakistan Economic corridor is also a trade route to boost trade with China.

Shipping From China

In today’s blog, we will discuss the benefits of using the services of freight forwarders for shipping from China. Especially shipping to USA, the UK, and Australia. Shipping to uk, USA, and Australia can be done by multiple options of sea freight or air freight.
Following are the benefits of using the services of freight forwarders while shipping from china:
Reasons for choosing shipping company from china
While shipping from china to australia, the USA, and the UK, businesses prefer to use the services of freight forwarders. There are multiple benefits for hiring the services of freight forwarders. They have vast experience and skills to manage logistics and shipping.

Benefits of Shipping From China

  1. Fast delivery
    The foremost benefit of using the service of freight forwarders is their ability to manage the fastest delivery of products. In businesses, especially E-commerce businesses fast delivery means better availability of the product. Better availability will in return mean higher profitability.
  2. Cheaper cost
    The second most advantage of using the service of freight forwarder for shipping from china is cheaper logistic cost. Freight forwarders can handle logistics and shipping at a lower cost. Freight forwarders have a link with multiple shipping lines and logistics providers so are able to bargain better rates. The cheap cost of the product will translate into a better profit margin.
  3. Best marketing knowledge
    A major benefit of using the service of freight forwarders is to take advantage of their market knowledge and experience. Freight forwarders are experienced entities. Businesses can always take benefit of a better experience of a freight forwarder in better handling of shipping from china.
  4. Personalized services
    The ability of freight forwarders to offer personalized services like door to door services is a great benefit for businesses. Freight forwarders offer trans freight logistics to the customer for shipping from china. Freight forwarders can offer multiple sea freight or air freight cargo personalized services.

Famous courier companies

There are lot of companies that are offering services of shipping from china, but few famous companies are as follows:

DDP Transfreight

DDP Transfreight is trustable freight forwarder for shipping from China. It is handling shipping from China to US, shipping from China to UK and shipping from china to Australia. Offers a variety of personalized services for door to door trans freight logistics to its customers. Services it offers high-quality shipping and logistics management to its customers.


FedEx is a USA-based company, with offices in multiple countries around the world. Being a reputable forwarder in shipping from China, it holds a special place. It also offers door to door services to its customers for shipping from China to around the world.


UPS stands for united parcel services. It is a trustworthy experienced company, with a head office in USA. It also has multiple offices around the world. UPS is a good option.


Trade from China has always been a profitable business. Since the concept of E-commerce businesses, trade with China has increased many times., however, hiring the service of freight forwarders is the best option. The advantage of a freight forwarder is the cheap cost of shipping, faster delivery, and personalized door to door services. There are many famous freight forwarders handling. But few famous trustworthy companies are DDP Transfreight, FedEx and UPS. These freight forwarders have been providing high-quality shipping and logistics to their customers.

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