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Why ‘Star Wars’, ‘Harry Potter’, and the Marvel UniverseAre the Best Movie Franchises

“‘Star Wars” is the best film franchise ever!” “No way! “Harry Potter” is better than “Star Wars” by a mile!” “What about the Marvel films? They’re hands down the most enjoyable!”

These are all incredible film franchises. If you only look at the figures these are the ones that stand out. Marvel films topped all other movies worldwide by a total of close to $17.5 billion. Star Wars is second, making $9.3 billion. Then, Harry Potter is third at $8.5 billion. If we were to rank the top film based on its overall gross income, Marvel is definitely #1. Is that the top factor in determining which franchise is the most effective?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has more movies within their collection–26 in comparison with Star Wars with 13 and Harry Potter with 12. This is an average of around $486 million for each Marvel film as opposed to $715 million for a Star Wars movie and $708 million for a Harry Potter movie. Do you think the average cost per movie is more reliable? If yes, Star Wars wins.

What’s the story behind longevity? What about the longevity factor? The Star Wars movie franchise has been in existence since 1977, the Harry Potter movie franchise since 2001, and the Marvel movie franchise began in 2008. Are you sure that Marvel will become as popular in the next 30 years as Star Wars is now? Does longevity make an excellent movie franchise? In the present, Star Wars beats out both Harry Potter and Marvel in this regard (unless you include earlier Marvel-based films to the mix — the initial Captain America movie came out in 1944).

What is the gross income most crucial in deciding which franchises in the film industry are most effective? Is it the average amount of money made per film? Or, is the most important test time? Each person has their personal view. Is it really important which is the most popular? Perhaps it’s more important to know what these three film franchises have in common. What drives us to watch the older films, and what draws us to check out the latest films.

They have created amazing shared universes.

It’s not a surprise that the most commonality between these three blockbuster series can be found in the concept of the shared universe. The fans love shared universes that provide the backdrop to thrilling stories; they love to see how the lives of their favorite characters intersect. Marvel is the most effective of the three for guiding viewers through their universe. Each of their films has an enthralling plot that can be enjoyed on its own but can be incorporated into a bigger story. In the case of Star Wars, the Star Wars franchise has done an incredible job of interspersing new “episodes” within the bigger storyline to keep the fans interested in the universe. Also, the “Wizarding Harry Potter World” will continue to offer fans a long-lasting experience on the large screen with brand new Fantastic Beasts films to keep the excitement alive.

They’ve created characters that we are deeply attached to.

The compelling characters keep us hooked on the series. Are we likely to return to see another Harry Potter movie if Voldemort had defeated Harry in the very first movie? What would happen if Darth Vader had killed Luke? Or Thor had met his demise? These heroes entice us because of their determination and the strength to achieve what others are unable to. Marvel with its many superheroes that they can pull into their world, offers the fans characters who have extraordinary power and courage and if you like to make superhero name as yourself then use this superhero name generator online tool; Star Wars, with its amazing battles, offers us the humble characters who have the strength and courage from within themselves to make a difference as well as Harry Potter, with its magic, offers us characters who develop their confidence and become strong stewards of the wonders that surround them.

We must not forget the villains but. Villains that we love to hate, force us to appreciate these noble characters more. If it wasn’t for Voldemort, Harry would never be able to realize his full potential. Without Darth Vader, Luke would not have had the Force and without Loki, Thor would never have been a powerful power for the good on Earth. These contradictions make the characters and their stories fascinating.

They are in a constant battle between evil and good.

Each of these franchises is gripping enough to last without a strong, deep conflict that resonates within each film. Although there is an overall global, all-encompassing battle within the universes of each, every film in the series can stand on its own with small resolutions to the bigger conflict happening. What keeps the fans interested and at the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next installment is that each film concludes with a preview of the next installment to come — more conflict, and hopefully, resolutions.

It’s the kind of conflict, the constant struggle of good against evil that is crucial to the longevity of these series. The fans want to see good guys win and defeat evil; it’s more satisfying when those characters that we’ve come to hate are restored. When Darth Vader made the choice to be the good side over evil, all was cheering; when we realized that Snape was not who we believed that he was and we were crying; when Loki saved Thor and we were awestruck. The power of good over evil enthralls us at the deepest level of our souls.

They keep fans engaged through the extensive merchandise.

It is important to recognize the importance of great merchandising to the success of the franchise. These franchises keep the enthusiasm alive with video games, toys as well as clothing, and agreements with amusement parks.

Toys. Star Wars toys have been a staple in toy boxes since the 1970s. Kids (and adults!) have been wanting their personal “wands” from the time that the Harry Potter franchise began to sell them. Marvel superhero Legos have led to animated films that use the characters as their own. Both children and adults alike enjoy the toys based on movies that allow for the play to continue for hours within the world of fantasy.

Video games. If you are a fan of video games, you’ve played a game that is tied to one of these film franchises. There are a few hundred games, beginning in the 1980s.

Apparel. Captain America shields and the Spider-man web and spiders appear found on children’s, teens’, or adult-sized shirts everywhere (even babies’ onesies are adorned with these). Star Wars and Harry Potter are both represented in apparel items, too.

Amusement parks. Who could ever not remember Harry Potter when you can go to Harry Potter’s “World,” or forget Star Wars when they have Star Tours, or forget Guardian of the Galaxy when they have the chance to experience the brand new Disney ride, and the soon-to-be-introduced Marvel park.

Effective marketing tie-ins to ensure these franchises remain on top.

It’s impossible to agree on which of these three film franchises is the most popular but we appreciate how we get to keep enjoying the wonders of these universes in different kinds of venues. We also can agree that these franchises are doing things right through creating shared universes, where fans can escape from the reality of their lives and cheer on their favorite strong and courageous characters when they fight for justice and defeat evil. If you want to create a horrible evil country name then use this country name generator.

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