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Why and How to Become a Travel Blogger?

Do you dream of becoming a travel blogger? If, like us, you are passionate and want to share your discoveries, get started and become a travel blogger. Are you still hesitating? We can easily understand it, because like you, we have gone through moments of doubt. Therefore, we have decided to share all our good advice, in complete transparency. Today, we give you the keys to becoming a professional in your turn. It’s time for you to become the US travel bloggers you dream of being.

Why become a travel blogger: ask yourself the right questions?

If you want to become a professional travel blogger to make a living from it, you must be sure of your choice. Indeed, this decision could radically change your life, but it remains to be seen whether you are ready to make the sacrifices that this entails. And yes! Becoming an entrepreneur is a life choice that requires you to sacrifice many hours. For all these reasons, we invite you to ask yourself the right questions. Here are a few:

Do you like to write? Indeed, traveling and sharing your passion means writing down your discoveries and your feelings. It is sometimes easier to recount one’s exploits out loud than to write them down.

Can you write? It is not enough to like to write, but you must know how to write as the search engines want it, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want to turn professional, you must conform to writing standards, whether you like it or not. All this, without counting the spelling mistakes, of course.

Are you alone, as a couple or as a family? This decision will lead to a radical change of life. It is therefore a decision to be taken together. You can’t decide for the rest of your family. You also cannot do this project alone if you are in a relationship. It’s hard to imagine.

Are you expressive? By becoming a travel blogger, you will express yourself through social networks, make videos and speak in front of the camera. Some people are reserved or find it difficult to speak in public. Difficult in these cases to get started…

Are you ready to spend long hours on social networks? And yes! The profession of blogger is above all a profession of sharing and exchange. You must regularly publish quality photos and/or videos. It is a real investment.

Do you like taking traveler photos or making videos? Are you able to deliver quality work? Forget the videos made for a friend’s wedding or for grandpa’s 80th birthday. The quality of the work you must present must be impeccable. You may have to redo a photo that you don’t like ten times or make long video edits. It’s part of the backstage.

Do you know the basics of the web? Have you ever used photo and video editing software? If you don’t know anything about it, that’s no problem. Everything is learned! All you need to do is be willing and, once again, willing to spend some avrupa yakası ukraynalı | İstanbul Escort Bayan time.


All the questions we have just listed are just a sample of all that you can ask yourself before you start. As for knowing the reasons why you can be tempted by this fabulous adventure, these are the following:

Become “free” and independent.  This is the first reason why an individual becomes an entrepreneur: to become free. Everyone’s dream is to no longer must respect what is imposed on them, but to choose their own schedules, way of life and even where they live.

Create a career.  By becoming an entrepreneur, you take charge of your life. You live your dreams and choose how you want to live them.

Share his passion for travel. And yes, being a travel blogger means above all that you live from your passion and that you share it with the whole world.

Create a community. By investing in social networks and increasing your notoriety, you create a community of people who share the same vision of travel as you. It’s incredibly stimulating and positively enjoyable. You can exchange and interact with thousands of people from different backgrounds, and it is very rewarding.

Willingness to share his visual creations (photos/videos). Are you creative? It’s time to prove it by sharing your passion in a way that suits you. Be unique by offering original content that is not seen everywhere on the web.

Passion for writing and the web. As we told you a little earlier, you must be passionate about writing and the web, because these two elements are inseparable.


To become a professional blogger and influencer, you will have to start by creating a blog. You will have to choose the platform that suits you, your template, your domain name, you’re hosting and many others. At the same time, you will have to define your niche. What is a doghouse? This is the element that will differentiate you from other travel blogs, the common thread of your blog, the element that you will associate with travel. For example, you can associate travel and extreme sports, cooking, animals, children, etc. To give you an idea, the niche of our travel blog Les Droners is drones.

We talk about it regularly and have even created a special section on our blog. Arthur is himself a professional drone pilot declared to the DGAC. This is what sets us apart from other travel blogs. It’s up to you to find your niche. What do you have to offer that is original and represents you and easily associated with travel? This is the time to put forward your passions for mother daughter trips. Once you have defined the axis of your blog, you will be ready to launch and put in place everything you need to move forward to success. How to become a travel blogger? Here are some things that can help you move forward:

Regularly create quality content. Whether on your blog or social networks, you must regularly publish quality messages, articles, photos and/or videos. Do not talk to say nothing, write without fail, avoid blurry or poor-quality photos. The same goes for your videos. Do not create a YouTube account if you are not ready to do a good job.

Develop your notoriety. For this, you will need to be present on your blog and social networks. Don’t monopolize all the networks. You won’t have time to manage everything. Pick one you are happy with and start. Share your passion daily, create interactions with your subscribers, exchange and have fun.

Be unique. No matter how you address your readers, how you talk or how you present your photos, be unique. Of course, you can take inspiration from others, but do not strike the same poses, with the same accessories, in the same vacation spots. Be original.

Develop your collaborations. Finally, once you have all these elements in place, you can start working with other professionals and building partnerships. You’ll have to act like a pro, negotiate, spend long hours on the phone or sending emails, but that’s part of the job. You will have to highlight your negotiating skills and be eloquent to live properly from your passion.

Become a travel blogger and make a living from your passion

If you are passionate, don’t hesitate and get started. Be rigorous in your work and persevere. You will experience failures. What entrepreneur has never known one? With Arthur, we fell several times, but we got back up. This is what makes us stronger. Moreover, it avoids falling back since we have learned from our mistakes.

Remember that every step forward will bring you closer to your success. Don’t let go, the world of the web is vast, and you too can find your place in this environment. It’s time to prove that you have the will.

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