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What to Read Next? – 3 Tips to Help you Decide

Every frequent reader, at least once in his life, comes at a point where he runs out of options as to what to read next. Deciding your next novel or book is hard, especially if you have just completed one. You feel like you are betraying your last book. The feeling lasts until you start a new book that captures your focus and really spikes your interest until you are too emotionally invested in the book to care about anything else.

Anyone who has a passion for reading might relate to these feelings. Despite feeling sad that we finished a book that we had a connection with, a book that was close to our heart for some time, we also can’t wait to jump to another book. But the question, what to read next? stands as a barrier between the reader and another book.

Now is the time to say goodbye to this problem as we have gathered some top tips to help our fellow readers decide what book should be their next.

Explore Your Favorite Author’s Other Work

It is one of the easiest and most convenient options to go with. Are you confused about what you should read next? Start searching for your favorite author’s work.

All those who haven’t explored the work of their favorite authors should start looking into it immediately. Authors tend to write in the same niche, making it more likely that you will love their other work too. Plus, every author has a writing style, a pattern he follows, and his own way of storytelling, and if you have found someone whose writing spikes your interest, exploring his other work seems justified.

Moreover, it would be great to find your next book just like that. However, this trick does not work every time. You will come across a point where you have explored all the other books of your favorite author. Or the book you just finished could be the only one from your author,

just like the Surat to San Francisco book, by Mahendra Doshi on Patel hotel history.

Don’t forget to explore this book; it covers the Patel hotel’s history and how a group from India made their name in the hotel industry.

If you have come across this point, you should start following our other tips to keep yourself safe from the hassle of finding a book to read next.

In-genre Selection

If you have just stepped into book reading, notice your previous books, there’s a high chance all of them would be related to the same genre. Have you ever tried to shed some light on the topic and why it happens? It happens because the first time you read a book and like it, you search for the related books, and now it has become a part of your practice.

I say we transition this practice into a tradition. Whenever you finish a book, search for other books of the same genre. As you know that you like that genre, there’s a high chance that you will enjoy your next book too.

But what if you want to switch to another genre and mix some things. Let us tell you that you’re going in the right direction. The best way to switch genres is to start with similar options. If you jump to the direct opposite, you might end up with something way out of your taste.

Recommendations From the Book Club

If you have been reading books for a while, you must have some people in your life with whom you share the interest. Every book reader has a book club, where people discuss the books they read or plan to read. Usually, your friends, family, and colleagues come from different backgrounds. Book clubs and circles are the best places to take recommendations.

Pro Tip: The best practice is to make a list when people are recommending and then search about the book in your spare time. This way, you will not forget the names.

Book Clubs help you a lot in deciding what you should read next. If you are not a part of one, then make one of your own.

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