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What to Do Before And After of Rodent Extermination?

A single rat or mouse sighting should be a reason for concern. A single mouse or rat might indicate the presence of a family in your house, garden, or company. A family might include a couple or more, their offspring, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives, which is pretty frightening to consider.

They might be settled in the walls, between stored goods, basements, attics, behind or behind major equipment. Nests can be built-in stored cushions and pillows. A mature mouse, for example, may chew a hole in a cushion (which you may not see until you pick it up).

The padding in the cushion is great for a pregnant rat to use as a nesting place for her offspring; they will be secure and warm while she is out hunting for food.

You might try to get rid of the mice yourself, but keep in mind that getting too many of the areas where mice or rats congregate to trap or destroy them is difficult.

Calling in an expert is a smart option since they can analyse the condition and give advice for removal and prevention. So if you have searched for “rat control Brisbane, /near me” make sure to prepare your home with this guide before the treatment.

Steps in Preparation

You may assist us in ridding your property of a mouse or rat infestation by performing the following things prior to service:

  1. Ensure that all food that is not in a can or jar is stored in the refrigerator or a strong plastic container for at least two weeks after service. This includes chips, sweets, nuts, cereals, bread, and any grain-based meal.

Pet foods, for example, are typically stored in upper or lower cupboards, on countertops, or on top of the refrigerator. Rodents may eat straight through plastic bags to access edibles, even if they are normally bagged.

  1. Repair any holes in walls, behind baseboards, or leaky doors; apartment dwellers should report them to management for repair. (Mice may penetrate through spaces as tiny as a quarter inch.)
  2. Remove all objects from the top of the refrigerator and just beneath the kitchen sink to allow access to these locations
  3. When the expert arrives, go through the problem with him or her, noting any locations where mice or rats have been seen.
  4. The technician might be preparing and deploying a range of baits and traps. These must not be tampered with before and after the service.
  5. Clean, sweep and vacuum the house on a regular basis to maintain control. Remove garbage on a regular basis, and maintain the surroundings as clean as possible.
  6. Remove any unneeded storage, such as boxes, paper, and clothing, as mice (and other pests) will eat these, build nests on these, chew the things to form nests, and even reproduce in such untouched locations.

Professional rat control brisbane

Just because, you have hired a professional and got professional rodent treatment done, doesn’t mean you should lack in maintaining your home. If you have searched 24 hour rat control Brisbane” or “professional rat removal near me” online and hired an expert, they will tell you why it’s important to maintain the home after the treatment.

And they might advise you on some of these maintenance tips:

Where Do I Begin?

It is critical to use latex, vinyl, or rubber gloves during the cleaning procedure. Never clean rodent-infested places with your bare hands. Even if the rodents themselves have been eliminated, rodent urine and faeces can contain dangerous viruses that make humans sick. It is especially vital to concentrate on cleaning places where food  prepared and consumed.

Before and after cleaning, leave doors and windows open for 30 minutes to enable the space to breathe.

Thoroughly Clean

Rodent droppings and urine should be cleaned with a disinfectant or a bleach-water combination (1 part bleach to 10 parts water). Allow soaking for 5 to 10 minutes before removing with a paper towel and placing in a trash bag. Sweeping or vacuuming droppings, urine, or nesting materials can cause dust to be stirred up. Microparticles can be discharged into the air and inhaled.

Look inside kitchen cabinets, on benches, in the pantry, along skirtings, and under and behind appliances for droppings and urine.

Once the droppings have removed, thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire area. Disinfect appliances, cabinet shelves, counters, and other surfaces.

By spraying disinfectant on gloves on a regular basis, you may avoid cross-contamination with clean surfaces, doorknobs, and cabinet handles.

Contaminated Food

If you discover rat damage to packaged foods or cereal boxes, they must be discarded. Maintain undamaged food in sealed plastic containers until you are certain there are no more rats.

Steam Cleaning and Washing

Rodents might have also got into your furniture, carpets, and rugs. These should be steam clean or properly shampooed. A hot wash cycle should use on any affected bedding and apparel.

Safely Dispose

Remove your cleaning gloves and place them in the trash bag, along with any cleaning supplies. Seal the bag, then place it in another plastic bag and carefully seal it. Place the bags outdoors in a covered garbage can for collection.

Cleaning Up

Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Change your cleaning clothing and run them through a hot wash cycle as soon as possible to eradicate any bacteria.

Doing all these chores will lessen the chances of a future rodent infestation and the need of searching for “Mice removal near me” or “rat removal near me”. So make sure to follow all the above tips for protecting your home better from rodents.


What’s the fastest way to get rid of mice?

Using trap and glue boards would be the fastest way to get rid of the rats.

What is the best way to get rid of rats?

By maintaining cleanliness and proper hygiene you can prevent rat infestation from happening and get rid of rats as well.

Is pest control effective for rats?

Although calling pest control is the definite way to control rat infestation, continuous monitoring is needed.

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