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What is video interviewing and how does it work?

A video interview is a job interview that takes place over the internet. It uses video as the major mode of communication. Video interviewing, is often known as video recruiting or digital interviews. This is a rapidly growing subject in today’s recruitment scene. Organizations conduct video interviews for recruitment in three different formats:

Recorded Interviews or Asynchronous Video Interviews

This is a simple approach to screening a large number of candidates at once. On recruiting software, the company creates a series of questions. It invites a list of candidates to answer them. The questions are intended to elicit responses from candidates. It will assist the employer in gaining a holistic view of the individual. The report includes their talents, experience, soft skills, culture fit, and so on. These application is a cloud-based web platform. Such as Gmail, where recruiters log in to construct video or text-based interview questions. They can then send out email invitations to the contenders for the interview. Candidates can answer the questions one by one by clicking to the link in the email invitation. All you need is a is a webcam and a microphone. These application records the candidate’s video or text response.

The Advantages of Video Interviewing

Most clients claim the following advantages of using a video interviewing platform:

1. Shorter time to hire

Video interviews can help you cut your hiring time in half. It accomplishes this by allowing recruiters and candidates. In order to attend interviews from the comfort of their own homes. It saves time on the commute, and by allowing employers to record the video interview. You can share it with panel members for viewing and review. That too can be done without having to be present at the time of the interview.

2. Improving the Candidate Experience

Top recruitment agencies allow candidates to participate in online interviews. They can participate from anywhere in the world, on their own time. Through the web or mobile, while maintaining a uniform, consistent experience. By reducing the time spent on manual screening, coordination, logistics, and additional personnel. You may save the cost of hiring by up to 60%.

3. Enhancing Employer Branding

Branding the platform with customizable banners, videos, colour themes. The logos are possible with video interviewing tools. As a result, your company will be seen as tech-savvy and candidate-friendly. All of the videos are saved for future use. Evaluations and comments are also retained for future audits in the same way.

4. Automation and Modernization

Many video interviewing technologies include advanced capabilities. They integrate with automated interview management software. These are for analyzing candidate video interviews and generating behavioural profiles. It recommends the best-qualified candidates for the job. Real-time reports can be used to track panel bias. It reduces the turnaround time and improves the interviewing process overall.

5. With Remote Hiring, there is no need to go to a bar.

Because the interview is conducted via the internet through online applicant tracking system. you may potentially hire people from all over the world. If they are either willing to relocate if hired or can work remotely for your firm. This provides you access to a far larger talent pool. It increases your chances of finding the appropriate person.

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