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What is the Best Way to Save your Email Messages into Microsoft Outlook?

The email program Outlook allows users to send and receive emails on their computers. Outlook has two separate file formats: MSG and PST. As a result, users can save email messages into Microsoft Outlook.

MSG file– This is an Outlook file format (.msg) that is used to hold a single message object in a file, such as an appointment, email, or task. You can easily transfer MSG to Outlook. If you wish to use Outlook to open the MSG file.

PST file- A personal folder file that stores IMAP and web-based email accounts are known as a PST file. It also aids in the storage of Outlook data items such as contacts, attachments, emails, and so on within the folder.

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Importing MSG Files into Outlook PST has many Advantages

Importing MSG to Outlook has certain advantages. A few of them are listed below.

  • Users may manage many email accounts in one place and conduct multiple operations with just one click with Outlook PST. This makes transferring MSG to Outlook a lot easy.
  • It allows users to store PST files on their computers. The PST file can also be accessed in an offline mode.
  • This allows users to communicate with one another as well as create their own PST files. It enables the conversion of MSG to PST files easier for consumers.

There are several reasons to convert MSG to PST in Outlook. Let’s have a look at how to import MSF files into Outlook PST.

Converting Email Messages into Microsoft Outlook is a Simple Process.

1. Drag and drop.

You must first launch MS Outlook, after which you can create a new folder in the Mail area.

  • You can now give the newly generated folder a name of your choosing and let the user move MSG files into any existing folder.
  • After that, look for all MSG files in the folder where they were saved.
  • You must first select all files, after which you must drag these files. Place them in the newly created folder now (MSG file).
  • Finally, all of the messages will be imported into the new folder, and you will be able to open MSG files in Outlook.
  • You can save email messages into Microsoft Outlook using the method described above. If the above method isn’t working for you, try the following option.

2. In Outlook, Copy and Paste MSG Files

  •  Firstly, to begin, go to the location where you saved MSG files and look for them.
  • After then, make a copy of each one (MSG files).
  • Now you must launch the Outlook application and save all of the copied MSG files in the appropriate Outlook folder.
  • You should be able to convert MSG to PST file formats if you follow the steps. Additionally, these solutions for transferring MSG to Outlook have significant restrictions.


  • The previous MSG file will not work with the new Outlook version.
  • Importing several MSG files into Outlook PST is a time-consuming process.
  • These approaches can be performed by a non-technical individual with complete assistance.
  • You must carefully follow each step. Otherwise, data loss may occur.
  • We will offer a third-party professional solution to circumvent these limits. It aids in data integrity after the conversion procedure has been completed.

Import MSG Files Into Outlook in an Automated Way

MSG File Converter is used to convert MSG files to MBOX, Gmail, PST, Yahoo, and more formats. The online MSG to PST converter tool allows you to rename the resulting file according to the preferences of the users. It also aids in the conversion of Email Messages into Microsoft Outlook. It also runs smoothly on all Windows versions.


In conclusion, We’ve answered the question of how to import MSG files into Outlook PST in this article. In addition, many techniques to convert MSG to PST file format were described. These approaches also have certain drawbacks. Furthermore, we have mentioned a third-party alternative, namely the MSG to PST converter program, to bypass these limits. This makes it simple to import MSG files into Outlook PST.

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