What are The Reasons To Love Our Time And Attendance Tracking Feature?

It will help you to analyze and manage the team’s performance.

Miles Davis said about time and attendance management, “Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing. Three crucial aspects of life include money, people, and time. Time is the only one that is priceless because it is the only thing that we can’t hire, rent, buy, and gain by any means. These phrases may look terrifying to read and listen to, but it’s all true. And from this, we get to know the value of time management.

That’s why there are several tools available in the market for time and attendance management that also include mobile tracking solutionsAnd also, you can use this time tracking software to keep an account of the working hours of your employees. That will help you to analyze and manage the team’s performance. This time tracking software allows you to track your employees’ time and attendance.

  • Limitless time tracking: This software work regularly, on counted days, and the clock starts to count when the computer is turned on and stops when the computer is turned off.
  • Fixed: It tracks the set of working hours of your employee only if the computer is on.
  • Network-based: The tracker works only when the computer is connected to a specific network.
  • Manual clock in Employees can click the clock in button when they start to work and clock out when they’re done with it.

mobile tracking solutions

Even if you have a fixed break time policy, there is an option for you to set up the option to track your employees’ break time. The benefits you’ll have with this time, and the attendance tracking feature are listed below.

Preventing the time theft and buddy punching

The time theft is best described as your employee taking a long break than allotted. Or the time interval between your employee clocks in and when he started to work. In the U.S., this time, theft costs almost $400 billion per year. It’s not just about the money, but with this, the company’s environment gets spoiled. Hard workers start to have grudges with the people who cut out early. But this time and attendance tracking system will help you to keep the account of everyone’s activity.

Saving time and resources on payroll calculations   

The management of payrolls and all related paperwork is difficult when done manually. But with the time and attendance tracking software, you need to spend less effort and time, while processing the employee’s time at work.

Minimizing human error 

Maintaining the manual timesheets and payroll calculations is not only time-consuming. But there are chances that the score of errors is high in manual calculations. An automatic time and attendance management system can help you keep a record of every employee’s working hours. This way, it is easy for you to maintain all the company’s records.

Wrap up

There are numerous benefits of having an automatic time and attendance system. The main benefits are that it helps you maintain the workforce and payrolls to make processes quickly and efficiently. You can check out the mobile Tracking Solutions Cloud-in-Hand, where you can track and manage data without any pen or paper.

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