What are the Available Job Roles after Oracle Certification?

Everyone has heard of Oracle certification; after all, it is one of the largest software companies that offer a wide range of courses for the IT sector. These certification courses are valued and demanded in all industries and organizations. With an increase in prospective candidates looking for a promising career in the IT domain, Oracle certification increases their chances of being identified and accepted and confirming their entry into the prestigious organization. Thus, to validate your skill and improve your chances of getting selected, it is necessary to have proper Oracle Training in Gurgaon.

Overview of Oracle Certification

Oracle certification, a professional certification program, is recognized by reputable organizations as one of the most credible certifications for a promising career in the IT sector. For all the people looking to create a career in the IT field, the Oracle course provides a variety of professional certification programs connected to information management and databases. However, these certification programs validate the candidates’ skills and make them stand out from other professionals. In addition, there are several Oracle certifications and programs which you can choose as per your career goal. These certifications include the following:

  • Oracle Certified Associate

This certification program allows you to gain introductory skills and offers a position of an entry-level database administrator.

  • Oracle Certified Professional

This level of certification improves the candidate’s skill for managing large databases or developing robust programs for a wide range of applications.

  • Oracle Certified Master

It is the advanced certification for Database Administrators. This certification ensures a senior position in an IT organization. Also, it provides the candidates with the responsibility of managing crucial database systems and applications.

  • Oracle Certified Expert

This certification validates your abilities in the technological domain and architecture.

Job Roles after Oracle Certifications

Oracle certifications are well-known for providing multiple career options. Thus, getting an Oracle certification opens rewarding work opportunities for the candidates. They can explore different roles in an organization. 

These specific roles are as follows:

  • Database Administrator

It is one of the in-demand jobs in the IT sector. Their work includes managing the database associated with specific job functions. Also, professionals are responsible for security concerns and the flawless development and maintenance of databases in a private or public sector business. However, the database administrator must guarantee that workers have access to the database and prevent unauthorized persons from entering. They must be aware of viral threats and constantly upgrade or change the system as per the requirement. Once you have completed this certification, you can work as a database administrator in hospitals, government organizations, universities, etc.

  • Application Developer

An Oracle Application Developer creates new applications and ensures the security of the network, system, and application. Also, their job description includes the duty of creating and managing database systems, as well as performing responsibilities linked to storage operations. When searching for the position of Oracle application developer, you will come across several profiles such as database analyst, Oracle systems and networks administrator, computer programmers, web developers, and administrators.

  • Instructional Coordinators

Instructional coordinators design instructional materials and educate instructors using their understanding of various teaching and communication techniques. However, the primary function of an instructional coordinator is to analyze educational programs to ensure they satisfy quality and regulatory criteria.


Finally, Oracle hardware, software, and services are highly scalable. Many large and small organization uses this software technology in their daily operations. Most Oracle products are crucial to a business and must be managed and handled by only specialists with the necessary competency in the sector. Thus, to gain such ability, enrolling yourself in Oracle Online Training is a must.

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