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What are some reliable backup solutions for your website in 2022?

Learn about some top backup solutions for your website in 2022

Every year several websites get hacked and sensitive data is being stolen and misused. The list of such companies also includes the fortune 500 brands. It shows that there is no way a website can claim that it is 100% attack-proof. So, you need to look for the next best option available, namely- quick and fastest recovery after the incident of attack. For that, you need to have the latest complete inventory of your website data including all the key files.

Even the most sophisticated web hosting plan cannot offer you complete protection against cyber threats. Backups can help you to achieve that. Several brands are providing backup services. You need to look for the ones that are reliable, reputed, and reasonably priced.

In this post we are in to present a well-compiled list of such top backup prouder that safeguard your website data and allow you to initiate a quick recovery process in the instance of attack:


Cloudberry Backup offers failsafe option for backing up your website data. It also provides you a straightforward and frictionless retrieval process. This quality makes it a perfect software to be used in real-life scenarios when speed, accuracy, and efficiency matter the most. It offers a balanced equation of the three to minimize the harm.

Though quick, the file restoration process of cloudberry is accurate, and reliable which means you can remain assured that all the crucial files will get restored.

The personal users can opt for the free version which offers you decent security against major threat incidents. If you run an enterprise then you would need more advanced and premium features. Buy Pro edition with even more advanced security options.

The pro editions are priced per computer and are equipped with more advanced capabilities like compression and encryption.


The dynamic capabilities of duplicity combined with its compact structure quick processes bring this robust backup solution to this list.

It supports the Amazon S3 account and offers a reliable backup recovery process. However, its process is a bit complex. You need to go through a learning curve. Contextually it would be great to thoroughly read the user guidelines and step-by-step process. It allows you to get the maximum benefit out of it in the instance of hacking, cyber attack, or security breach.

 Dragon Disk

You need tools with solid file management capabilities to ensure that there are no performance chops during crucial moments. If that’s your major concern then Dragon Disk is the software you can fully rely on. The best thing about this software is a familiar digital ambiance. Its architecture shares many similarities with windows explorer in terms of front-end design as well as processes s involved.

It contains many dynamic features for cloud backups. All these factors make it an ideal solution for websites looking for frictionless retrieval without any stringent restrictions.

Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk comes with powerful features with high flexibility and a cost-efficient payment model with reliable cloud capabilities. The software impresses with its speed, efficiency, and adaptability making it a solution one can rely on without reservations. The best part about this software is that you get the flexibility to pay as you go. In other words, you only pay for the total volume of storage you have used. It makes it a good solution for the growing companies.

The two major drawbacks of his software are rather cluttered and complicated navigation structure and delayed updates which may make you doubt its performance /security integrity. >>


You can never make your website invincible thanks to the highly sophisticated hackers who keep on building their skills, acquiring new techniques, and learning new AI-based technologies to attract and harm your website. In fact even the best web hosting providers cannot guarantee you 100% security. While it is always recommendable to safeguard your site with the latest security solutions, it is equally important to buy a good backup service that saves your site data and help you to recover from the impact of cyber attacks or hacking incident. In this blog, we presented a list of 5 backup providers along with the details like features, pros and cons, and major points. For best benefits carefully check the product reviews before opting for any service provider.

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