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Types of Shots You Should Take in a Photo Booth

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to capture memories with your friends, family, or significant other, then you should try taking photos in a photo booth with photo booth props.

There are all sorts of different shots that you can take, and we’ve put together a list of many types of shots that are sure to get everyone laughing and smiling. So grab your friends and head to the nearest photo booth for some unforgettable memories!

The Classic Smiley Shot

This is probably the most common type of photo that people take in a photo booth, and for a good reason – it’s always a blast to see everyone’s happy faces!

Now to take a smiley shot that will really stand out, why not try using props? Props can add an extra layer of fun to any photo, and they’re especially great for group shots.

Popular prop ideas include funny hats, glasses, boas, and even fake mustaches! So grab a few props and get ready to make some hilarious memories.

Smiley Shots with Props:

  •         With goofy glasses on
  •         With a large feather boa around necks
  •         As Elvis Presley or another character from history/pop culture
  •         In superhero costumes
  •         Dressed as your favourite TV or movie characters
  •         Holding up signs with puns or phrases like “I mustache you a question.”

Action Shots

To take action shots in a photo booth, have everyone stand in a line and then have one person jump or run towards the camera. This will create a fun, action-packed photo that is sure to be memorable. Or you can have people do fun poses like the chicken dance or wave their arms in the air.

Alternatively, you can have a photo booth set up with props that allow for action shots. This could include items like fake swords, baseball bats, and other sporting equipment. Be creative and have fun with it!

Action Shoot Props:

  •         Fake swords
  •         Baseball bats
  •         Sporting equipment

Group Shots

Group shots are always fun to capture memories with your friends or family. You can easily snap a group photo in a photo booth by having everyone stand near each other. This will ensure that everyone is in the shot and eliminate the need for anyone to be left out.

Alternatively, you can use props to create themed group shots. For example, if you’re celebrating a birthday party, you could use birthday hats and cake as props in your photos. The possibilities are endless!

Group Shot Props:

  •         Birthday hats
  •         Cake
  •         Photo props
  •         Funny glasses
  •         False mustaches

Solo Shots

Solo shots are a great way to show off your personality and capture some candid moments. In a photo booth, you can easily take solo shots by using the available props. This could include anything from funny glasses to false mustaches.

Why not use themed props if you want to make your solo shots even more special? For example, if you’re celebrating Halloween, you could use fake spider webs and pumpkins as props in your photos.

Solo Shot Props

  •         Themed props (e.g., Halloween, Christmas)
  •         Sunglasses
  •         Party hats
  •         Feather boas
  •         Fake tattoos
  •         Wigs
  •         False eyelashes

Costumed Shots:

If you’re feeling brave, why not try a costumed shot? This could be anything from dressing up as your favourite character to wearing an outrageous costume. Costumed shots are always great for creating memories that will make everyone laugh.

Costumed Shot Ideas

  • Dress as your favourite character
  • Wear an outrageous costume
  • Cross-dressing
  • Have fun with makeup and hair (e.g., bright colours, crazy hairstyles)
  • Play around with different facial expressions

Tips For Taking Perfects Photo Booth Photos

  •         Be creative and have fun with your shots!
  •         Costumed shots are always a hit, so dress up if you’re feeling brave.
  •         Don’t be afraid to experiment with different facial expressions and poses.
  •         Keep in mind the background behind you – make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit or costume.
  •         Make sure your hair and makeup look good in photos – there’s nothing worse than an unflattering photo of yourself.

How To Make Your Shoots More Memorable

  •         Get your friends or family involved! The more people in your photos, the better.
  •         Use props to make your shots even more fun and unique.
  •         If you’re taking a photo booth selfie, use a fun filter or edit your photos afterward to add some extra pizzazz.
  •         Photo Booth Hacks
  •         If you don’t want to be in every shot, ask one of your friends to snap them for you.
  •         Don’t have anyone to take photos of you? No problem – use the timer on your camera or phone.
  •         Do- Want to print out all of your photos? Make sure you bring along enough memory cards or storage devices!


Photo booths are a great way to have some fun and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re with family or friends, we guarantee you’ll have a blast! Just don’t forget the props!

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