Try Out These Webinar Platforms That Offer A Free Trial

Try Out These Webinar Platforms

In technical vocabulary, webinar is a combination of two words web+ seminar; in simple terms, we can understand webinar is the seminar held over the internet.

Professional webinars help businesses to meet their business goals, by brainstorming and sharing informative information via audio-video presentations with their employees or their audiences on the virtual platform.

A good virtual platform enables you to host a well-executed, comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective webinar that can help you to boost your sales.

So how to select the best virtual platform for your webinars?


Which is the best virtual platform for your webinar? Questions like these might be hustling in your mind.

Here in this blog, we will provide you with a solution to your question; we will outline features of different virtual platforms that offer a free trial so that you can experience their service and can select them for your upcoming webinars. Let’s start the blog,


One of the best virtual event platforms that offer a complete solution to your webinar or virtual events-related needs. Mixhubb allows you to customize your webinar and 3D events. It has immersive and engaging features to empower organizers to host events of all types and any ümraniye escort size.

Its quick and easy-to-use set-up allows the organizer to organize a hassle-free, safe, and secure webinar or virtual event within a few minutes.

Using this platform you can turn your boring PowerPoint presentations into webinar sessions that are interactive and fun-filled.

Some other notable features of Mixhubb that make it number one among other virtual event platforms are as follow,

Immersive Experience: With its virtual event effects organizer can successfully replicate the in-person event experience of attendees.

Cost-effective Subscription: With Mixhubb, there is no stress of addition of extra bugs to the pocket. It also allows organizations with a small budget to host their webinar with ease.

Ease of Registration: Mixhubb gives liberty of registration to attendees; attendees can register via any of their social media accounts.

Multi-device and multi-browser accessibility: Attendees irrespective of a particular device and specific browser, can also access this virtual platform from any device like pc, desktop, iPhone, and android phone.

AI-Matchmaking: This is one of the top-notch features of Mixhubb, as this feature helps attendees with the same interest to connect.

Other features are Network Table, Group chats, Video calls, Q&A, and Live polls. Mixhubb is a self-manageable platform that offers a free trial.

Yes, you heard it right!

Mixhubb allows you to avail the benefit of all its above-mentioned features without paying a penny.


GoToWebinar is a virtual event platform that offers you to host a webinar without a headache. GoToMeeting can be the best virtual platform for those organizations that want to utilize the benefit of all the features of virtual platforms.

Apart from this, it also meets the requirement of those entrepreneurs who want to organize an extensive event with a large number of attendees. GoToMeeting offers other features like screen sharing and file transfer.

GoToMeeting offers another video solution for your webinar, that is GoToWebinar. It allows organizers to host live and pre-recorded events. It enables organizers to diversify their reach by delivering the content through interactive recording, webcasting, or pre-recorded webinars.

Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is a robust video platform for all your virtual events and webinar. This virtual event platform also offers a free trial for 14 days. Its scalability allows it to host webinars without counting the number of attendees.

Zoho Meeting is also a browser-based virtual platform, where you don’t need to download any particular software for accessing the platform. Other notable features include recording and replay, screen sharing, chatting, video audio broadcasting, broadcasting your webinar, and Q&A.


Big Marker is another virtual platform that offers a free trial to host all the virtual events including a webinar. It provides features like scheduling the event, promotion to landing pages, registration, ticket selling, lead generation, reminders, recording, and other engagement features to keep attendees engaged.

Big Marker is also a browser-based virtual platform based on the no-download concept. Here organizers can also customize their virtual conference room according to the need of the event. It allows the organizer to embed their virtual events and can also host them directly from their website.


Organizations who want to keep the webinar simple and small, Join.Me can be a good option for them. Join.Me is specially designed for small to medium-sized organizations.

For hosting webinars, Join.Me offers features like a customized registration page, reminders, and allowing sending invitations through emails.

 Other features include Dial-in phone number; individual attendees can mute and unmute, mouse control, etc. The recording feature enables the attendee to use it later according to their requirements.


With this Virtual platform you can boost your team collaborations and productivity via its audio-video features. With BlueJeans you can transform your virtual background according to your requirements or choice. This virtual platform also allows you to record the meeting so that you can only focus on the content of the webinar rather than making the notes. Its waiting rooms are secure where you can restrict the entry of unwanted guests into your virtual meets.


JetWebinar gives you an ultra High capacity video conferencing platform for your webinars. They offer a platform for hosting a webinar with a high attendee rate. JetWebinar ensures your protection against private content, sensitive information, and data of the attendees. This virtual platform has a feature that enables you to create breakout rooms before, in between, or after the event. Along with this, tools are given to the attendees so that they can connect and collaborate with other attendees via chats and videos.

So no more headache in deciding the right virtual platform for your webinar. Here in this blog, we have given information about those different virtual platforms that offer a free trial.

Using their free trial you will come to know about the services they offer and their features also so that you can select a platform according to your need.

So that all with the blog, we hope you have enjoyed the blog and the given information will be fruitful for you.

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