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Top Things to Do in Halifax

As for the charming Maritimes, there is no better city than Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is not only the capital of Nova Scotia but also the largest city in the Atlantic provinces. It was originally one of Canada’s most important ports, but now it is also a thriving area for tourism, partly due to manicured parks and gardens, heritage buildings, a thriving art scene, a variety of bars and breweries, live music scenes, and a beautiful steady sea breeze.

Thanks to the main airport, it has also become a gateway to the Maritimes and has something to offer people of all ages. Whether you decide to take a stroll along the beautiful coastline, attend one of the many summer events, watch live music at one of the many ferry bars, or visit one of the many amazing museums and parks, Halifax is the perfect place to vacation on the East Coast.

What to Do in Halifax

We’ve been to Halifax many times, mostly during an epic trip to Canada. 2013 my parents and I jumped in the car and drove from Alberta to Newfoundland, taking time to explore both Halifax and Maritimes along the way. Then in 2017. we completed the biggest trip of our lives – we flew to St. John’s, Newfoundland, bought an SUV, and then drove 150 days across the country and spent four nights in Halifax.

Halifax has always been one of our most important places in Canada and we love exploring the city every time we find ourselves in this charming little part of the country. So whether you’re visiting for the weekend or spending all your vacation in and around Halifax, here are some of the best places to visit in Halifax.

Halifax Coast

When I think of Halifax, the quay comes to mind right away. Not only is it very scenic, but in the heart of Halifax, you can walk to many of the best in town. The Harbourwalk is a 4-kilometer boardwalk that runs along the waterfront. You can start from anywhere, but if you want to do it in one straight line, start with historic sites that are a great place to see beautifully restored Victorian Kayaşehir Escort buildings.

Next to the marina, you will also find an information center, many beautiful boats, whale watching tours, and the Atlantic Maritime Museum, which we will talk about below. There are also some great works of art along the way and you will end up at Farmers Market and the Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21, which is one of the best things to do in Halifax.

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Atlantic Museum

For those interested in marine artifacts, history, the RMS Titanic, and the Halifax explosion, this is the place to go. Part of the museum used to be a chandelier shop selling all the equipment needed to equip the ship. In fact, you can still smell the charred ropes healed to protect them from saltwater. There’s also a cool screen about the Titanic that sank pretty close to Halifax. You will also find a variety of highly detailed boat models. When we were there, we even had to test our strength in the Morse code. Outside, you’ll find the official Canadian Navy Memorial, HMCS Sackville, standing outside and hosting the Canadian Navy.

Halifax Citadel

With so many historic sites in Canada, there must be a reason why it is the most visited. This star-shaped citadel is strategically located on the hillside of the Halifax Citadel, with stunning views of Halifax. Construction began in 1749, although the current fort was built in 1818–1861. Guests can walk at their own pace or take part in one of the amazing guided tours explaining the form and history of the fort. Although the exhibits are not always open, the objects inside are open all year round. During the busy season, you can even sign up to shoot with an old-fashioned weapon.

Halifax Public Gardens

If you’re looking for a scenic spot for a leisurely stroll, you may want to explore the 16-acre Halifax Public Gardens. Founded in 1867 in celebration of the Canadian Confederation, these gardens are often considered the best Victorian city gardens in all of North America. Entering through the forged gate you will find many paths, water fountains, 140 different tree species, bright flowers, and various statues. They are also popular with locals and are home to walks, live music, board chi, and board games.

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Fairview Lawn Cemetery

Everyone knows the story of the infamous Titanic that sank about 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. A luxurious liner that flew to New York sank when it hit a corner of the iceberg and killed many people who flew it. Of the bodies found, 121 are buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery. It’s a pretty sad place to visit, and 1/3 of the remains have never been identified. What has turned it into a bit of an attraction is the cemetery that reads Dawson. After the success of Titanic, people think it was Jack Dawson. It’s just a coincidence. Nevertheless, if the Titanic has left a mark on you, it may be a place worth visiting.

Bike a Halifax

If you just walk too much, you may want to rent a bike and explore the seaside town. I Heart Bikes is next to Halifax Harbor. They will prepare you so that you can drive along with the port or drive to the city. You can also save 10% with the Must Do Canada Saver Card.

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