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Top 6 short courses that can help you earn millions per month.

Courses that can help you make money

If you’re one of the hundreds of young Indians searching in vain for a high-paying career, it’s possible that you’re looking in the wrong area. While India’s traditional job market is seriously slowing down, the country’s digital economy is expanding quickly and creating thousands of high-paying opportunities that young professionals and students may apply for to make a good living. However, because these modern vocations depend on specific talents, one must enroll in short-term courses that can aid in the development of those skills. We’ve covered nine of these quick short courses that can help you gain the knowledge and abilities you need to not only land a respectable job in India’s digital economy, but also earn a high salary per month.

short courses to make money

1. A course on ethical hacking

Although most people avoid the word “hacking,” ethical hacking might be of interest to you. If you’re a computer whiz with proficient hacking abilities, you may put them to use and make money at the same time. The army of “keyword warriors” known as ethical hackers basically guards the private data of individuals, businesses, and even governments while maintaining the security of the internet. Numerous Information Technology Institutes, such as Certified Security Analyst, Certified Forensic Investigator, and Diploma in IT Security & Hacking, provide outstanding short-term training in ethical hacking. Even IITs have recognized ethical hacking’s potential as a top professional career option.

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2. SEO Training

One of the most important job categories when it comes to India’s digital economy is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO experts aim to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results. Simply said, it is their duty to make sure that the website of their client shows in Google’s top search results. The nicest thing about working as an SEO professional in the modern world is that you can take up assignments directly from clients on a freelance basis or opt to operate as a part of an established corporation. If you are looking to learn it from start then there are various SEO training programmes, that teaches search engine optimization to professionals.

3. PPC Training

In terms of digital marketing, PPC, or pay per click campaigns, is another job profile that is in high demand. PPC specialists are among the most sought-after resources on the market today, despite not being very well-liked by mainstream academics. Their main duties are using paid advertising on Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook for Business to drive sales and visitors from search engines. PPC should definitely be on students’ radars as a job-oriented short-term course that may deliver fast results and attractive wage packages, especially with nearly every firm moving online and investing a sizable amount of marketing budget for online advertising. If you are looking for a platform to learn complete digital marketing then just go for it because it would help you understand better.

4. Training in graphic design

If you excel at communicating thoughts and concepts visually, graphic design courses are something you should give serious consideration to. The fascinating images you see in magazines, on social media, in newspapers, or in infographics that are accessible on Pinterest are essentially the work of graphic designers. Therefore, there is no shortage of work for highly qualified graphic designers. A short-term graphic design certification course covers Photoshop, Coral Draw, and Indesign. You may decide to enrol in advanced courses in the area. You can get employment as a creative director, logo designer, visual image developer, interface designer, or art production manager in any organisation.

5. Web design training

The expansion of India’s digital economy has also resulted in the creation of brand-new, cutting-edge job profiles for young professionals that weren’t previously available. Everyone in the modern world is seeking a website because they want to increase their online visibility and reach. Professionals in web design come here! A quick, three to six-month team web design course may provide you the knowledge and abilities you need to create a client-focused, responsive website. The best thing about taking a web design course is that it will open up a world of fulfilling career prospects for you, whether you want to start your own company, work as a freelancer, or join an already successful company as a web designer with a fair salary.

6. Course on Voice Modulation 

Those who wish to make their voice their most valuable asset should take part in voice modification classes. Voice Modulation Courses, which are provided by a variety of private institutes, some of which are well-known, can help you become a singer, theatre performer, or—best of all—a voice-over artist. It doesn’t matter if it’s for radio, television, movies, or advertising—the need for performers who can adjust their voice to fit the part is growing every day. In addition, because this employment is not well known, there is less competition. Therefore, give voice modulation courses some thought if you enjoy making silly noises or simply enjoy hearing yourself.

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