Tips to Load your Moving Truck while Moving with Packers and Movers

Do you know how to pack your moving truck like the reputed packers and movers? Well, packing and loading your moving truck properly is crucial for your move. You have to position your items correctly in the moving truck. Besides, it is also advisable to use maximum space for your moving truck while packing your articles.

Make sure to utilize the space of your truck while loading it. This will help you a lot. When your moving truck is packed properly, you can move your goods in an easy manner. You won’t have to make multiple trips from point A to B if you pack your truck perfectly. Many people want to manage their loading process. But they are not aware of the required information to load their truck efficiently.

Here are a few tips that will help in loading your truck professionally: –

Choosing the Right Moving Truck

This is one of the challenges before the people. They don’t have any clue about the truck size they need for their relocation. The packers and movers have a huge fleet of moving trucks with them. So, they have all sizes of trucks for you. If you are moving small items to your destination, then opt for the small size.

Also, if you have a big consignment, then make sure to opt for the big truck as per your needs. But, you should pick the average size of the truck. This will be more beneficial for you during the move. If your volume of goods is high, you can easily load your items in the truck. So, you don’t require packing another truck for your shifting goods.

Collect the Packing Materials

Make sure to collect the right packing materials to pack and load your moving truck. There are innumerable packing supplies that are the best to pack and load your truck. Some of the best packing and moving supplies for your move are as follows: –

  • Furniture Pads
  • Packing Tape
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Moving Blankets
  • Furniture Dolly

All these packings and moving supplies are the best to use for loading your moving truck. You can use padding to fill in any gap between your items as well as boxes.

Disassembling the Furniture

You can take help from your packers and movers to get disassembling services from them. They can offer you these services at a separate price. This would be the best tip to use the maximum space of your truck. Your movers remove all the parts of your furniture pieces to load them in the truck. For example, if they have to load your dining table, they will first disassemble it and then load it in the truck. This way, you have enough space in the truck to place other articles.

Distribute your Goods’ Weight

Make sure to distribute the weight of your goods evenly on the truck. This will help your movers to load as well as unload your goods effortlessly on the truck. There is a simple trick to distribute your weight evenly on the truck. You must load your heavier items towards the cab. Make sure to load the goods with medium weight above the heavy items. Also, don’t forget to load the lighter goods at the top of all your goods.

Load Heaviest Goods First

You should load your large and heavy goods on the truck first. Some of the items you should consider loading first include refrigerators, couches, bed frames, etc. Other heavy items to load are tables, bed frames, chairs, etc.

These heavy items should be on the bottom of your shifting truck.  They are heavy items and they should be loaded first. If you load them on the light boxes, they will crush other boxes as well as goods. Also, make sure to place these heavy items towards the sitting area of the driver.

Load Lighter Items in the Last

Once your packers and movers load the heavy objects, they can go on with loading the light objects. These objects include small furniture pieces, appliances, and moving boxes. Other items include small furniture pieces, small appliances, and TVs.

You can also keep your valuable items in the truck. But, make sure to keep them in their original boxes. Besides, you can also pack your important documents separately during the move.

Assign Someone to Manage your Loading Process

It is advisable to assign someone who can supervise your loading process. This person will be responsible to check how your movers load your house belongings in the truck. He will also check how their moving space is utilized.

Fill Every Gap

Make sure to fill in each noticeable gap between your items & boxes. You can look for any gaps between your furniture pieces. You should fill in each space with the required filling materials or furniture pads. Some filling materials you can use to fill these gaps include the following: –

  • Packing Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Blankets
  • Furniture Pads
  • Old Clothing, etc.

Load the Items Last that you’ll Need First

Make sure to load the items in the last that you’ll want to unload first. This’ll help you in accessing them easily. If you load these items in the middle or the bottom of the truck, then you can’t find them. So, you should identify the items you need after reaching your destination.

Make sure to label all your boxes. This way, you can easily recognize the items you’ll have to access after the delivery.

Packing Televisions

Make sure to use original boxes for packing your TVs and electronic devices. These boxes would be the best for you. The original boxes are specially designed for these devices. So, you should use original boxes for packing your electronic devices as well as TVs.

Close the bolt of the Truck

The last thing you’ll need to load your shifting truck is to close the bolt of the truck. This is good for safety purposes as the items in the truck won’t fall if you tie the bolt. But, make sure to do this only when you load the truck completely.


You can find other tips to load your moving truck if you are moving with packers and movers. However, following the above tips will also be much beneficial in loading your truck properly.

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