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The Ultimate Guide for Essay Writing For Beginners

Essay writing is a must-have component in all the educational systems of the world. Especially in the USA, students are frequently assigned with essay writing so that it can enhance their cognitive and intellectual abilities and improve their writing skills – language, grammar, and vocabulary.

But sometimes, rather than achieving its purpose, essay writing becomes troublesome for students. Students feel burdened when they are assigned multiple essays at a time and begin to panic. It adds to their academic stress and their productivity becomes zero.

However, with good writing skills and by having command of essays, students can cope with their academic pressure (Warburton, 2020). This post will help you understand what makes a good essay and how you can write it efficiently and efficiently.

What are the Qualities of a Good Essay?

There are some essential qualities of an essay without which it cannot be considered a ‘good essay.’ These qualities are discussed below.

· Clear and Concise

A good essay always consists of clear and concise sentences. The sentence length of the essays must not exceed 15 words. Long sentences add complexity to the content and blur actual the meaning. Further, paragraphs should also be concise i.e. 100 words max. Too long paragraphs break the flow of the content and affect readability.

· To the Point and Accurate Information

You should add to the point and accurate information in your essays. If you go irrelevant, your essay looks ambiguous. Further, if you collect the information from an unauthentic or less credible source so it may be incorrect. It will weaken your content and your essay will lose its worth.

· Well-Structured and Well-Organized

A good essay follows the correct structure and format and it is well-organized. The conventional structure of an essay, i.e. introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, is the basic rule of essay writing that must not be violated. Also, an essay is considered to be well-organized when it addresses each argument one by one. The mixing of ideas and concepts makes the content unclear.

· Suitable Language and Tone

Students are usually assigned with 7 to 8 different types of essays i.e. narrative essays, expository essays, descriptive essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays, reflective essays, analytical essays. Each type of essay is written in a different language and tone. Therefore, you must be very careful about which type of essay you are writing so that you can choose the suitable language and tone.

· Strong Arguments

Strong arguments are required to write a good essay, especially an argumentative essay. You must present evidence to support your claim (Lwanski, 2020). Otherwise, the argument would be considered to be weak. Many students don’t possess good argumentative skills due to which they seek help from an essay writing service in the USA when they’re assigned argumentative essays.

· Perfect in Grammar and Spelling

Good essays are always perfect in grammar and spelling. These are such aspects of writing that seem minor but a single mistake regarding these elements can ruin the whole effort. So there shouldn’t be any loopholes in terms of tenses, articles, prepositions, etc. Further, all the spelling should be correct and you must not confuse between homophones, like buy–bye.

· Proper References

Another quality of a good essay is that all the sources that have been used to collect information are cited and credited property according to the required referencing style. Incorrect or missing references turn your content to be plagiarized.

How to Write a Good Essay?

Here are some of the easiest, simplest, and most detailed guidelines about how to write a good essay that can help beginners write their essays like a pro.

Write a Compelling Introduction

Your essay introduction builds your first impression so it must be interesting and compelling. You should add all the following points in the introduction.

Þ    Give Context/Background

You must keep in mind your main argument concerning the essay topic. Research well to find out its context or the background and briefly explain it at the start of the introduction.

Þ    Describe the Scope of the Essay

After giving the background, you need to describe the scope of your essay, which means you should describe which area of the topic you will cover in the essay. It is also called limiting the research.

Þ    Problem Statement

The problem statement outlines the central idea of your essay. You should write a strong problem statement because your essay research and writing revolve around it.

Þ    Foreshadow what’s Inside the Main Essay

At the end of your essay introduction, you should give an idea of what your essay body paragraphs will explore and how. It develops your teacher’s interest in your essay and persuades them to go into the main body of the essay and read further.

Follow PEEL Method in Body Paragraphs

PEEL is the most effective method of writing essay body paragraphs that makes your work well-organized and gives it a professional look (Redman & Maples, 2017).

P – Point

E – Evidence

E – Explanation

L – Link

In each body paragraph, you first make a point i.e. your argument or claim, then you give evidence to support it. Explanation elaborates the connection between your point and evidence and how it is concerned with the topic. Link is the last sentence of each paragraph that connects it with the next para.

Write a Strong Conclusion

You can write a strong conclusion in the following way.

  • Summarize the Key Points
  • Restate the Problem
  • Exhibit what you have concluded by the whole study
  • You can share your own opinion too, at the end

Must Edit and Proofread Your Essay

Editing and proofreading are some of the most essential steps of essay editing that you can’t skip. It helps you remove all the minor errors concerning grammar, spelling, structure, context, relevancy, readability, and references. You can use editing and proofreading apps to make your essay perfect by all means.

Get Help from Professionals

Students, who still have confusion regarding essay writing can take help from professionals to get done with their tasks. But, you must be very conscious while choosing an online source for your assistance. For example, if you decide to hand over your essay to an essay writing service in Chicago, you must check its credibility first.

Final Statement

Essay writing is not a big challenge if you have good writing skills. But those who don’t know how to write essays, can take help from this guide to ace their essays and get good grades.


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