The Top Advantages Of Installing Removable Bollards 

Removable Bollards 

There are several types of bollards available in the market. However, the removable bollards are the best of all the available types. These bollards can be moved from one designated spot to another and are best for temporary access or emergencies. These bollards are generally mounted and installed in those places that do not allow any sudden intrusion of a vehicle. These particular bollards can easily be used for expanding spaces.

Even though the removable bollards are perceived to be used only in the car parking spaces as barriers, they are usually used for several other purposes, majorly for preventing unauthorized removal or transfer. Only the authorized personnel have complete access to the special tamper-proof key mechanism.

Why Should You Opt For Removable Bollards?

The most useful feature of the removable bollards is their mobility. They are good for restriction access and can be installed in those places where very limited or timely access is needed.

In a crux, you can easily alter the layout of any kind of open space to suit a particular situation by installing bollards.

These removable bollards can be detached easily, and the space is brought back to its original layout.

Depending on the size of the property, one can install the removable bollards, to secure better security, one can experiment with specific sizes and designs for the bollards. A removable bollard can be of two types – sub-surface mounted and surface-mounted.

When surface-mounted, the bollard is locked up on the concrete. When sub-surface mounted, on the contrary, the bollards come with a ground socket or sleeve, which is embedded on the surface of the ground.

Why should you opt for stainless steel bollards?

The stainless-steel removable bollards are durable and long-lasting. They provide a very aesthetic value and look to the car parks or any other space wherever you install them.

They are available mostly in yellow and black shades and also have 45-degree or dome-shaped tops. These bollards are durable, and they do not get affected by rust or corrosion. They give better longevity in terms of money.

A removable bollard that is made up of stainless steel is very easy to maintain & can very well withstand the various types of hazardous and extreme weather conditions.

This can also very robustly withstand exposure to environmental elements and heat. They are the ideal options for a well-controlled traffic setting.

They do not lead to unwanted clutter or the occupation of a space.

Removable Bollards
Removable Bollards

Safety and security are mostly the key issues for several business establishments & parking areas. The removable bollards provide the best solutions to security issues.

The removable bollards make it easier to maximize the usage of the bollards, especially during emergencies.

Several kinds of innovations can be done on designing the best bollards that serve various purposes in customized manners. The locking mechanisms of the removable bollards are being continually upgraded for ensuring unauthorized people from removing them.

Some of the bollards also have certain reflective strips so that they are easily visible during the night. Thus, any nature of accident can be avoided.

This is the reason why they are installed on streets, on-site roads and also on parking lots. Any unwanted vehicle activity can stop due to the installation of these bollards.


Removable bollards aim at serving low-frequency access control and provide the aptest and most effective solution. These increase the overall flexibility and strongly simplify the overall balance of strength.

They are easily installed, and the recommended maximum spacing between the removable bollards should not exceed 1.4 meters. So, as we see, the removable bollards have several benefits and thus are useful for several purposes.

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