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The History of the Wardrobe

In the nineteenth century, the wardrobe started to take on its current form, with hanging cupboards on either side of the central portion and drawers below. Initially, these pieces were made of mahogany, but with the invention of the steam engine, foreign woods and satinwood became more affordable, and they were made in extravagant styles. Famous designers like Chippendale and Sheraton used carved and highly polished woods for their wardrobes.

Today’s Wardrobes

Today’s wardrobes differ from their historical counterparts in their triple partitioning. These include two sides of shelving with hanging pegs and drawers, a central space with a clothes press, and a central space for folding flat garments. All of these models are located at the same level as a person’s chest. However, the earliest versions of the wardrobe were divided into two parts, one for hanging garments and the other for laying out flat ones.

The term wardrobe was also applied to the room that housed a person’s apparel. The first type of wardrobe furniture was a chest or press. Its two parts were used for hanging clothes and laying them out flat. The chest or press also served as a place to keep shoes and accessories.

The modern wardrobe differs from its historical counterpart in its triple partitioning. The interior of the modern wardrobe consists of two linear compartments, one with shelves and the other with a central space for hanging garments. The upper, central space contains a clothes press and provides additional storage space. Most wardrobes have a mirror above them for displaying a collection of accessories. This makes them a great option for the bedroom. The best part about the wardrobe is that you can customize the interior and make it a unique space for yourself.

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While the term wardrobe means a standing closet, it is actually an ancient word that meant a room. In medieval times, the king’s wardrobe served as the administrative center of his castle. Its name was derived from the French word, press, meaning ‘press’. Its origins are unclear, but there are numerous references to it in literature. There are many examples of historic and contemporary wardrobes in museums. For example, a cabinet that holds books was a press in the 14th century.

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The modern version is different from its historical counterpart in three ways. In the old days, the word “wardrobe” meant a lavatory. It now means a room or apartment. The king’s wardrobe was the heart of his administrative machinery. A king’s wardrobe was usually referred to as a press. The early versions of a wardrobe were divided into two sections – one for hanging garments, and the other for flat garments.

In medieval times, a king’s wardrobe was a place for storage. The term originally referred to a king’s wardrobe as a ‘king’s closet’. Historically, it was a place for the ‘king’s closet. It is the center of administrative machinery in a king’s residence. The modern style has two parts, one for hanging garments, and one for flat garments.

Modern wardrobes

The modern wardrobe is similar to the older version, but it is different in three ways. The older versions of a wardrobe were called chests. They were designed to keep clothes in two separate sections – one for hanging and the other for flat garments. A contemporary one, on the other hand, is divided into three parts. In the olden days, a person’s wardrobe was divided into two sections: a chest with shelves, and a press for clothes.

Unlike historical-style, modern-day wardrobes have triple partitioning. They typically contain two parts for laying flat garments and another for hanging garments. The latter is the most common style, with modern versions being the same height as the chest of a person. It is available in major Indian cities. It is also available in other countries. Its modern counterparts have more than one door and several different types of hardware.

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