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The complete guide to use Online Pinterest Image Downloader

This is the best option for saving Instagram pictures, videos, and GIFs. It is free and capable to download thousands of files safely and rapidly. We simply call it Online Pinterest Image Downloader. The web page of this Free Pinterest Image Downloader is the place where users have to visit when they need to get help. It does not matter if you are using a smart device running Android, iOS, or a desktop running Windows or Mac OS X. You only have to worry about copying the URL of the image or whatever you are going to download. Because the URL is the only thing that will navigate the tool to the file you needed. So we are going to unfold here a complete guide that any of you can follow when using Online Pinterest Image Downloader. Here we go.

Online Pinterest Image Downloader

Guide to Online Pinterest Image Downloader

  • Open the Pin app or the website on your mobile or computer. Using the app or web page depend on you. There is no difference unless open your Pinterest profile using your smartphone or PC
  • Type the topic that you need to download on the search bar and search all the related post
  • Find a proper image or video from the list
  • Then copy the link to the selected post. Even if you need a couple of posts to download, copy one URL after one and get ready
  • Tap the share icon if you are using the Pinterest app. Then you can easily select the copy link option
  • Click on the address bar on your web browser and copy the address if you are using a PC. Or you can use share and copy link options too while using the Pinterest web page on your computer
  • Now open the Online Pinterest Image Downloader tool on your web browser and paste the link you brought
  • Click the download button and wait. The image preview will come into view. Then you can use the next Download option too

Note: The chart of sizes and formats will display before clicking the second download option. So you can select one of them if you need to download the file in that way.


Download Pinterest Images, videos, or GIFs using Online Pinterest Image Downloader is very simple. Once you open the tool, you will see where you have to paste the link to the post. And you only have two clicks to make on the respective Download buttons to confirm your decision.

By the way, Online Pinterest Image Downloader is not the official method of Pinterest. The platform does not have a very own way of saving files at this instant. But, you still can save media thanks to the developer of Pin Downloader. Those who wish to go through more about the tool can open the tool website and scroll down. While the first part of the page can use to download images, the other section has all the details about it. So enjoy this amazing tool!

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