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The Complete Guide to Skirt Styles

There are many different types and lengths of skirts. This detailed manual describes the variations and how to wear them. Like any clothing, skirts come in a range of fabrics, which often defines whether the skirt is casual, businesslike, or appropriate for evening wear.

Styles of Short Skirts

A short skirt is the best way to show off a nice set of legs. These come in a variety of forms and fabrics and are above the knee, so they may be worn for practically any occasion (except maybe school or work).


Skirts with hemlines that are significantly above the knee, frequently halfway up the thigh, are referred to as miniskirts. This skirt gained popularity during the “Swinging Sixties,” thanks to model Jean Shrimpton and designer Mary Quant.

  • Depending on the occasion and the wearer’s particular style, mini-skirts can be combined with a wide range of shirts. For a casual day out, it would be ideal to choose a more conservative shirt that is long sleeved and has a looser shape to counteract the length of the skirt. A tighter, more fitted top would be appropriate for a night out with friends.
  • Younger ladies with either an apple-shaped body type or a boyish figure look best in the miniskirt.
  • Leggings or tights can be worn with a miniskirt for a fashionable look that covers excess skin in a more modest way.

Skateboard Skirt

A casual skirt with a waistband that fits at the wearer’s natural waist and flares outward to form a circle when lying flat, the skater skirt is sometimes referred to as a circle skirt. The skirt is cut in such a way that it frequently falls in an A-line form.

  • This casual skirt is incredibly versatile and may be combined with fitting tops to contrast with the flared form or even looser tops tucked into the waistband. It has become fashionable to pair skater skirts with fitted crop tops that expose just a hint of skin.
  • The skater skirt is universally attractive on all body shapes and is available in a variety of lengths.
  • Women of all ages can wear longer skater skirts; younger women should wear shorter skater skirts.


A skort, also referred to as a scooter skirt, combines a skirt with shorts. It is typically made out of a pair of shorts with a piece of fabric covering them to resemble a skirt. When they were knee-length and most usually worn with a polo t-shirt in the 1990s, this style was especially well-liked. In more recent springs and summers, the skort has had a comeback thanks to the success of Zara’s contemporary version. It is mid-thigh in length, with an asymmetrical hem on the “skirt.”

  • This look is best for active ladies since it has the elegance of a skirt but the comfort of a pair of shorts. It should only be worn during the day and for less formal situations.
  • Wearing this look with a loose t-shirt or a cable-knit sweater is more contemporary.
  • All body shapes can wear this style.

Blowing Hem

Due to the hem being tucked back under, the bubble hem skirt swells out at the bottom and has a voluminous look. After being spotted on the runways, this skirt, which was first kadıköy escort popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, has recently seen a revival in popularity. Although it was once worn in short lengths, it is now also worn in greater lengths.

  • To counteract the skirt’s rounded shape, a fitted top is best worn with it.
  • This look works best on younger ladies with apple-shaped bodies.

Leg-Lengthening Styles

Styles that are knee-length are adaptable enough to be casual, professional, and appropriate for more formal contexts. These are, as the name implies, somewhat long without being excessive.


The bell-shaped skirt, as its name suggests, has a bell-like shape in that it flares outward from the waist before falling straight down to the knee. It is usually constructed from thicker materials that keep their shape well. Jackie Kennedy is the most well-known advocate of the bell-shaped skirt; she usually wore dresses with bell-shaped skirts for their spectacular impact.

  • When paired with a fitted top, this skirt looks best when worn to formal events in the evening.
  • Women with an apple shape look best wearing it.


For all ladies, the voluminous, knee-length skirt is attractive. A full skirt’s waistband often fits snugly around the tiniest section of a woman’s body, her real waist, with the remaining avcılar escort portion of the skirt falling below her knees.

  • Due to its modest length, it is incredibly adaptable. Depending on the fabric and print, it can be worn to work, religious services, family gatherings, and even formal evening events if it is made of lace or a jacquard fabric.
  • In order to emphasize the defined waist, the best approach to wear a full skirt is with a fitting top tucked into the waistband.
  • Ladies of various ages and body types can wear this skirt.


The pleated skirt, which has historically been connected to private school uniforms, has proliferated in recent years. Depending on the size of the pleats, the effect changes. For instance, bigger pleats evoke memories of schoolgirl days more than thinner pleats, which are more modern and in style. A pleated skirt can be mid-thigh (mini), knee-length (midi), calf-length (midi), or even maxi in length. Instead of the more conventional wool-blend fabric, a more contemporary approach to the skirt is to use materials like leather or chiffon.

  • The best way to wear this style of skirt is with a top tucked into the waistband.
  • Women with all different body types and shapes can wear pleated skirts.


The A-Line skirt gradually expands out from the waistband to form a triangle when it is placed flat.

  • Since the A-line skirt is customarily knee-length, it is suitable for most occasions.
  • As it draws attention to the waist and does not cling to the hips, this style is ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies.


For good reason, the pencil skirt is a mainstay in the closets of many working women. When put flat, this style, which is cut straight down, makes a rectangle.

  • In business settings, the pencil skirt looks best when worn with a suit jacket. For business formal attire, a pencil skirt in a suiting material is appropriate, and a formal button-down shirt or a silk shell to be layered beneath a suit jacket would be appropriate tops.
  • Pencil skirts are now being produced by retailers like J.Crew in a range of materials, including vivid wools, printed cotton blends, and bulkier jacquard designs. The thicker jacquard materials make these skirts more appropriate for professional nighttime events and business casual settings. The best clothing to wear in these circumstances is a loose silk top or a sweater in a contrasting hue.
  • Except for pear-shaped figures who can have trouble finding a well-fitting pencil skirt, women of all body shapes and ages can wear the pencil skirt.


A denim version of the pencil skirt is known as a jean skirt. The jean skirt is available in a variety of lengths, including above the knee and just below the knee, and is typically done in a lighter wash. The jean skirt gained popularity in the early 1990s, but has recently had a comeback.

  • A silk button-up shirt would give a chic contrast to the casualness of the jean skirt, or you might wear a t-shirt and a statement necklace.
  • For women with more boyish proportions and pear-shaped ladies, this skirt works well.

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Long Fashions


The longest skirt in this list, the maxi skirt is an ankle-length skirt. It is available in a range of designs and materials. The maxi skirt can be looser and flow away from the body, or it can be tight and form-fitting, depending on the fabric.

  • Although it is feasible to wear a maxi skirt to more formal evening events, they are often used for more informal settings. It is a very adaptable look that normally suits taller women.
  • Every body type can wear a maxi skirt; however, pear-shaped women should try on the looser styles with a tucked shirt. Apple-shaped women can wear the more form-fitting maxi skirts.


The hemline of a high-low skirt is one that is longer in back and shorter in front. This look has gained popularity and is a chic substitute for a full maxi skirt.

  • It can be paired with a variety of tops and is typically worn to parties.
  • The high-low skirt is suitable for women of various heights and body types.


The midi skirt, often called a tea-length skirt, is a skirt that reaches mid-calf. Its traditional length makes it ideal for more formal settings. One modern interpretation of the midi skirt is to have a shorter opaque half-slip inside and a sheer overlay that reaches to the calf.

  • With a midi skirt, you can wear fitted tops, crop tops (a recent trend most suitable for younger women), or looser tops tucked into the waistband.
  • This style looks great when worn with high heels.
  • Midi skirts flatter all body types, but taller women look their best wearing them since they shorten the leg line.


The sarong is a very informal skirt that works best for trips to the beach. A rectangle of cloth with a tie at the waist and usually made of patterned cotton called a sarong skirt. It comes from the native peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific island nations.

  • Sarongs are mostly worn at the beaches.
  • Relaxed sandals look best with it.
  • The adjustable waistline and range of lengths make it suitable for all body types.

A large selection

There are numerous women skirt collection available for everyone, with a wide variety of styles to select from. Either you require a designer or a simple skirt. You can also check out some other women clothing collection to find out some different outfits to wear with skirts. There is a skirt to fit your demands no matter your preferences, your body type, the event you are dressing for, etc.

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