The Best PC Games in February 2022

The comments area is obviously open to any suggestions or comments: we are pleased to discuss with you which titles are best suited to your tastes. But now we leave you with our list of the best PC games divided by genre. We will update this list every month with the best news.

Best PC Action Games

The action games category includes a large pool of titles, including third-person action, action RPGs, shooters (first and third person), and more. Here is a roundup of titles dedicated to PC!

God of War

It arrives on Steam on January 14, 2022, and we can only recommend it regardless of what the evaluations of the specialized press will be. A wonderful action game that can also be played at more than 60 fps with the help of NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex.

Halo Infinite

We have also included it in the section dedicated to online multiplayer, considering that it is almost a game in its own right. However, the campaign also deserves your attention, especially if you’re a long time Halo fan. An intense story and gameplay that will make you sweat even on normal difficulties. Ah, it’s included in the Game Pass. You also play cyberpunk nudity 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy masterfully portrays Star-Lord and companions, staging a fast-paced linear and narrative adventure full of action, smiles, and intimate moments. Guardians are phenomenal and seeing them interact with each other is a totally unique experience. The combat system does not reach the heights of excellence touched by the story, the dialogues, and the fantastic characterization of the characters, but this does not prevent it from being one of the best Marvel titles ever.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy

Crytek’s three epic first-person shooters are brought together in one remastered package. If you didn’t enjoy them at the time due to the hardware required, you can make up for it today by playing them one after the other. If some graphic elements could be obsolete (even if improved), the gameplay, its mechanics, and the plot do not fear comparisons with today’s triple-A productions.

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Far Cry 6

To write our review we played it on PC and no doubt about it, Far Cry 6, on new generation hardware, can be a real show. It is derivative and does nothing to hide it, but the new carbon frame, the story and its characters, and the management system of the protagonist make it extremely fun (and messy).


A truly peculiar shooter, in some ways derivative, but still original. The protagonist finds himself trapped on an island that is itself trapped in a time loop. To be able to escape he will have to eliminate all targets without dying, otherwise, he will have to start all over again

Tales of Arise

Perhaps we should place it in the RPG section, but its real-time combat is so spectacular and dynamic that it even deserves the title of an action game. Tales of Arise is perfect for those approaching the saga for the first time.

Scarlet Nexus

The new effort from Bandai Namco: an anime-style Action RPG characterized by a sci-fi game set, particularly spot-on cel-shading graphics and dynamic and frenetic combat. If you chew bread and souls for breakfast it is almost unmissable. You can play it with two different protagonists, dramatically increasing longevity.

Orcs Must Die! 3

Orcs Must Die! 3 crosses action game mechanics with those of strategic (tower defense style). Probably one of the funniest and best of its kind, finally available on PC after an exclusive debut on Stadia. The concept is simple: fend off wave upon wave of orcs by placing various defenses and controlling a hero at the same time.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is the most celebratory chapter of the series. Yes, it was born as an eighth, placing itself as a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, but it takes up many of the elements of the best episodes of the saga, amalgamating them with each other and grafting them into an unprecedented gothic context, never so preponderant.


Underlying it are Destiny-style online Action RPG mechanics and an extraterrestrial sci-fi setting. On PC, it can count on NVIDIA’s DLSS which significantly improves its performance even in 2Kor 4K. The graphic effects are even more spectacular than usual. We could describe it as a cover-based online shooter, but that would be an understatement.


An unmissable game in the library of Agent 47 adventures fans. It synchronizes with the progress and maps of HITMAN and HITMAN II (the latest remakes of the series), and has a very high degree of replayability given the many approaches to the levels. The mechanics are the same: Agent 47 must infiltrate super-safe places with a clear target in mind, almost always a target to finish.


Two big premises. The first: is an Action RPG, not pure action, therefore. The second: it is early access. Consequently, the game is not complete and may cancel your saves (with prior notice of course). But if you want to support the work of the developers, give them a chance. It has a lot of game content to offer: a life-filled universe to explore, immersive combat, a storyline, and lots of elements to unlock.

Assasssin’s Creed Valhalla

The new chapter of the famous Ubisoft Action saga moves to Norse territory and England when the Viking civilization was at the height of its power. The game is nothing short of huge, the graphics sector knows how to give joys (and pains) and the story fits into the plot of the saga right away. What is certain is that the game structure remains similar to that of its two predecessors.

Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia Definitive Edition is a great remake, with a “unique” major flaw. Historical fans of the first chapter will not find the original music, the voice acting itself and will notice some small changes in the story. If you manage to overlook these details, the road is literally downhill. The combat system has been revisited and the graphics engine is nothing short of splendid.

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