The Best Data Science Courses for Convenient Learning

One of the most in-demand positions in the IT sector right now is data science. Data analytics will become more and more in demand. More businesses will continue to employ data scientists to uncover essential insights and create business strategies. A data science certification can significantly increase employability. Data science courses can help you build the abilities that hiring managers seek, whether you’re a student hoping to have a successful start in your career or a working adult hoping to increase your job options.

Here are the top data science courses offered by recognized universities. These include online data science credential programmes that are free of cost as well as paid resources.

Top Online Data Science Courses

Professional Certificate in Data Science – Harvard University via edX

Harvard University makes a digital data science course available via the top e-learning site edX. It gives you a head start in the tasks of a data scientist by preparing you with essential data science techniques like R programming, machine learning, and others through realistic case histories.

This 2 to 4-month-long self-paced curriculum has an excellent reputation and is quite demanding. Rafael Irizarry, an expert and a professor of biostatistics at Harvard, teaches it. It is entirely online and less expensive than conventional education, making it highly flexible, accessible, and inexpensive. The program starts with the foundations and advances to a capstone project where you employ the abilities and information you’ve learned during the course cycle to a real-world challenge. In addition, candidates who complete the course are awarded a Professional Certificate in Data Science.

Data Science Specialization – Johns Hopkins University via Coursera

This 10-course data science specialization is taught on the Coursera platform by famous Johns Hopkins University academics. It introduces the ideas and tools you’ll need across the data science pipeline. It seeks to strengthen students’ capacity to formulate pertinent queries, work with data sets, draw conclusions, and produce visuals that convey findings.

In this certification programme, there are ten courses and a capstone project. The students can show potential employers their proficiency in data science. The prerequisites for this course are specified as having basic Python skills and some acquaintance with regression.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate via Coursera

To assist students or professionals in preparing for careers in data science, IBM offers this Data Science Certification Program, which is accessible on the Coursera platform. You will understand the fundamentals of data science and machine learning through extensive hands-on and practical escort istanbul study.

This programme consists of 9 courses and is among the best in data science. Each course typically consists of three to six modules requiring two to four hours of work. A beginner may need up to 60 to 90 days to complete the programme. After completing this data science programme, you receive a Certificate and an IBM open credential, proving your proficiency in the field.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization – University of Michigan via Coursera

Four academics from the University of Michigan created this Coursera Data Science curriculum. It seeks to make it possible for students with a fundamental grasp of programming to manage and comprehend data efficiently. It includes five courses taught in the Python programming language. Participants should have at least some prior programming experience and a solid grasp of Python.

The discussion’s five courses are Introduction to Data Science in Python, Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python, ML in Python, Text Mining in Python, and Social Network Analysis in Python. But, to obtain the specialized certificate, students must finish all five courses.

Data Science MicroMasters Certification – The University of California, San Diego via edX

Faculty members of the California University, San Diego, created this MicroMasters programme, consisting of several graduate-level data science courses offered online through edX. To use such tools to develop data-driven business choices, it strives to gain a thorough grasp of the mathematical and computational tools that serve as the foundation of data science.

In the form of 4 courses, this curriculum integrates the mathematical and applied aspects of data learning. Furthermore, learners are introduced to the collection of potent open-source tools needed for data analysis and data science. Students who complete a course receive validated certificates at each step. In addition, they receive the MicroMasters Program Certificate after finishing all four programme courses.

Complete Data Science Bootcamp via Udemy

The complete toolkit required to become a data scientist is provided through the Complete Data Science Bootcamp course on Udemy. It progresses you through fundamental statistics and arithmetic concepts to more complex statistics, machine learning, tableau, and other topics. This course also has lifelong accessibility, 88 articles, 144 downloadable materials, and 27 hours of video.

Among the most effective, time-saving, and organized data science courses on the internet is this one from Udemy. Numerous animations, tests, exercises, and supplementary resources are included. Enrolling in this course requires no prerequisite understanding because everything is covered from start to finish, and each lesson is developed on the one before it. At last, You will be able to handle actual business circumstances, function as a data scientist, and pursue a more in-depth specialty.

Data Science: Foundations using R Specialization – Johns Hopkins via Coursera

Three distinguished professors from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Jeff Leek, Roger D. Peng, and Brian Caffo, are the instructors for this basic Data Science programme, which the university provides. It includes fundamental data science tools and methods, such as obtaining, preparing, and examining data, coding in R, and carrying out a verifiable study.

The specialty has five courses totalling about 70 hours of video content. The first part of this Specialization consists of the same five courses. It has a structure for students who don’t have much-preceding knowledge but are willing to learn more about data science. They should finish the fundamental material before moving on to more technical subjects.

SQL for Data Science – UC Davis via Coursera

A skilled Data Scientist must have the ability to collect and manipulate data. The usual language for interacting with database systems is SQL. Thus one must have prior knowledge about it. The goal of this course is available on the Coursera platform, is to introduce students to the principles of SQL and to deal with data so they can start analyzing it for data science applications. Moreover, there is no requirement for prior SQL expertise in this introductory course. In fact, it establishes a solid foundation by starting with the fundamentals. Students can quickly create straightforward and complicated SQL queries to retrieve data from databases.

Some tasks are automatically assessed and peer-reviewed in addition to pre-recorded video lessons. Additionally, students have access to neighbourhood discussion boards. The self-paced program is to educate one on SQL abilities quickly.

Final Takeaway

In the public sector, private sector, and academic institutions, there is an increasing need for qualified data scientists. Are you thinking to build a career in data science?  In addition, are you ready to acquire the complex understanding and skills essential to meet problems in the real world? If yes, then choose one of these online data science courses and certifications and start mastering data science.

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