Study Hacks For Online Classes

Nowadays, many students prefer online classes because of the freedom and ease of interaction. Some even do other things simultaneously while in their online classes.

The pandemic made online classes more popular as most universities had to use them since social distancing was required. 

Online Classes

Why Do Students Prefer Online Class?


Easy communication


Most students, especially the shy ones, prefer online classes because they don’t have to see the teacher’s face if they need to contribute in class. Also, it’s faster to get answers in an online class of many students. This isn’t quite impossible in physical classes that hold over 120 students.


There’s more freedom in online classes. You can get the recording in most online classes and listen/watch it later.  You can also do other things, but multitasking will hinder you from making the most of the class. Besides, if you plan to listen to the recording later,  you can’t get to ask questions if you get to a point you don’t understand, unlike being in the class and following what the teacher says. So it is preferable to attend the class, listen, and record it for future use.

Study Hacks For Online Classes

A Conducive Environment

To effectively participate in an online class, you need to be in an environment free from disturbance. You can’t assimilate well if you are disturbed. If you can’t leave a particular environment to study, look for a quiet space in that same location. If you can, politely tell the people around you need their silence during your study time.

Screen Record

You can screen record your online class and watch it later for better understanding. You can also share the recording with your study group for further discussion.

Take Notes And Ask Questions

A popular adage says he who asks questions avoids being wrong. Ask questions and take notes in class.  Taking notes helps to preserve information which you can access anytime. You can devise a method for notetaking so that you won’t get tired in the process.

Know How to Operate the App Used For the Class

Different apps are used for online classes; some apps support audio-visual features while others support only audio. Examples of online class apps are Mixlr, Google meet, Zoom, e.t.c. Knowing how to operate the app will make it easy for you to communicate and ask questions. I once had a class on Google Meet in which one of the students did not turn off her şişli escort microphone. She said she did not know she had to do that. That disturbed the class, however.

Have Enough Data

Ensure you have enough data to connect throughout the class. A poor internet connection can be a barrier to effective learning, so you need to avoid that. For instance, learning will be frustrating if you are in a zoom class where you have logged out almost 4 times because of a bad network. If you don’t want to be frustrated by your online class, ensure you get a good internet subscription.


The perks of an online class are many, but you have to manage them effectively. Don’t forget to follow the hacks above to make the most of your online classes!


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