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Some Advice for Caring for Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Caring for Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Groom! It’s not difficult to find the ideal Kanjivaram. Maintaining it in an excellent state, on the other hand, is a different issue, but today we’ll provide you few helpful hints and advice on how to care for your Kanjeevaram sarees. With this gorgeous saree’s sturdy yet sensitive silk, you must consider all of the ways you can either maintain or ruin it. So, from storage to washing your Kanchipuram silk sarees, here is a handpicked collection of ideas, methods, and hacks to try to remember so that your saree looks modern and fresh after your bridal day!

Turn over your bridal silk saree gently

The first tip for keeping your Kanchipuram silk in good condition is to fold it wisely to prevent damaging the zari. Folding the zari inside protects the shine of the fabric, which is particularly important in silk avcılar escort sarees.

Maintain properly

It is critical to understand that your borderless kanjivaram saree should never be stored alongside fabric or any other kind of material. To ensure that it lasts as long as possible, cover it in a lightweight cloth or silk cloth and store it separately indoors. Do not wrap your saree with plastic. If you don’t even have any muslin on hand, make sure to cover it in a cloth. In this scenario, however, muslin must always be favored!

Once you’ve decided to launder your Kanjeevaram saree by yourself, always remember to:

  • During the first three washes, use the chilled liquid.
  • Use a small amount of conditioner after the last wash.
  • Strong chemicals and cleaners would undoubtedly ruin your precious saree.
  • Ensure your saree, pallu, and boundary are all washed individually with light touches.

Squeezing your traditional kanjivaram sarees is a bad thing. It will wrinkle or damage it forever. The simplest approach to get rid of excess water is to put it in a clean towel and wash it away, then stretch it up to dry on a comfortable clothesline. Sunlight should never be used to dry silk. It should always be dried within your house, away from every harmful light source.

Before storing your clothing, have it sun-dried. Never rinse the saree because the material is sensitive and rinsing may cause damage. It’s always a good idea to spend a little extra money on dry washing your Kanjeevaram saree.

Remember to compress your saree wisely to prevent damaging the zari work and to adjust the layers every three months. Wrap the zari on the inside to further prevent it and make it secure.

Store your Kanchipuram saree separately from other sarees. Always store your rolled-up Kanjeevaram saree in a handbag wrapped in linen or pure soft cloth. Ignore using any plastic shopping bags for this purpose. Keep it away from direct sunlight.

To maintain your sarees safe and prevent fungus expansion or damage, use herbal leaves or silica packets. Never use phenylene pieces or any other type of spray to protect your saree. These items can aggravate the situation. Remember to always clean the herb leaves or wrap them on paper before putting them in the saree.

The above things that we shared are some of the useful tips to maintain your Kanchipuram silk sarees in perfect condition for future use.

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