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Software to Open SQL File Safely – Get Your Desired Results

Synopsis: There are several scenarios where users often need software that can help them in viewing the SQL MDF files. In this article, we’re going to provide users with the best software to open SQL file with ease. We’re sure that users do not have to face any difficulties as we‘re going to explain all the technicalities in detail. The solutions that we are going to mention below are their advantages as well as drawbacks.

To provide users with the best program to open SQL files, we did our research & found the best ones. There are both manual as well as automated applications that we’re going to mention here. If you are also facing similar issues or have the same query then this article is best suited for you.

Lack of knowledge is the biggest problem here which disturbs users. This is why throughout the article, you won’t realize when you’ll become technically wise. To get the most out of this article, just read this blog in chronological order. This way, users can easily get the best results possible.

Need of Program to Open SQL Files – A Big Question

Before we learn the solutions, it’s important to know the reason. In several situations, users cant open their SQL server but they still need to access the data files. Then, they require such applications that help them. Below is the list of causes mentioned.

  • Not having an active SQL Server in the account.
  • Corruption issues in SQL Server database
  • Oversizing of SQL MDF/NDF/LDF files.
  • Inadequate permissions in the settings

Apart from these reasons, there are several technical reasons as well that can cause severe problems.

Best Software to Open SQL File Automatically

Users can also select the automated application that we are going to look at now. We can say that approximately every fourth user is using this technique as it is now trending & provides better results than the manual ones. The smart integration of advanced algorithms can help users in getting the best results.

The USP of this method is the price which is zero & AI integration into the software. Yes, this solution is completely free. However, users can opt for the pro version which is also affordable.

If you want to use this program to open SQL files then just simply download the SQL Database Viewer Tool. Follow the below steps to get desired solutions.

Step-1. Click on Open button once you Start the Application after installation.


Step-2. Set the Scan Mode as Quick or Advance Scan as per your preference.


Step-3. The software will quickly scan the entire data files, just Wait for a while.


Step-4. At last, Hit the Ok button to get the best results & end the operation.

step-4 software to open SQL file


  • There is no file size limitation.
  • The software has advanced features.
  • Has a modern & interactive user interface.
  • Totally secure from all the potential threats.
  • Let users view corrupted & deleted data files.

Manual Program to Open SQL Files – Are They Worth It?

Manually, there are a total of three ways that users execute the operation. These manual solutions can work well if users want to keep them as a backup plan. Selecting these manual solutions as primary solutions can result in severe consequences. Because of several drawbacks, there is no surety that users can get the desired results.

However, just for emergency uses, below is the manual solution stated. Kindly pay attention here because this solution involves various technicalities. The wrong execution can have inverted results as well.

Using the SSMS Utility
SQL Server Management Studio is the utility to manage the database. Users can take this into use to manage their server in a better manner. Hence, it allows users to view the data files too. However, without the SQL Server installation in the system, this software to open SQL file is of no use.

The MS Visual Studio
If you have access to the MS Visual Studio, then by creating a project, users can view their files here too. However, this utility is quite advanced & commonly used for creating & managing websites, applications, web programs, software, mobile apps, etc. This is a highly technical utility.  

T-SQL Command Line
The classic method of T-SQL commands is the most basic one. We can say that there are not many users who can execute this pretty well. One single mistake in the commands can completely wipe out users’ data files. Corruption in files is a common phenomenon here.

These three are the total manual ways for users. 

In A Nutshell

Plenty of applications are getting introduced every day but almost each of them is just a waste of money. Users should think twice before spending money on any solution. Hence, the automated software to open SQL file we discussed above is so far the best. There is no way that users can get any better solution all the other ones are just cheap copies of this original solution.

Manual solutions can be opted for but only as your Plan B. Critical drawbacks of the manual solution are the crystal clear reason for this. To avoid any kind of hassles, We request not to fall into manual traps as automated solution is also free. Users can get their desired results for absolutely free. 

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