Setup QuickBooks Desktop 2022 like a pro.

By the American technology company intuit, accounting software called QuickBooks Desktop was created. It first debuted in 1983. Small and medium-sized business owners are the target audience for this software. This software may handle and pay payroll expenses as well as pay for business transactions. Small business owners without proper accounting training at first flocked to this software.

However, a lot of professionals weren’t happy with this software, therefore several changes were made to it. Additional functionality, such as batch operations, bill tracking, continuous feed label printer support, batch delete/void operations, etc., were later added. Over time, a lot more features started to be added to it. Because it is so simple to use and comprehend, the QuickBooks software application has proven to be incredibly helpful for business owners and individuals without accounting experience.

Web-based features in QuickBooks

  1. Features of electronic payments
  2. Capabilities for remote access
  3. Navigational tools
  4. Online payroll help and outsourcing
  5. Online banking and tally-keeping
  6. Improved mail features with Microsoft Outlook

QuickBooks accounting software has many functions. Some of them are discussed below:-

Using QuickBooks, the user may create and manage invoices. He can then print and email the invoices to his clients.

Keep track of bills and expenses- By connecting your bank account and credit cards with QuickBooks, you can simply calculate and classify your expenses. This enables QuickBooks to monitor bills and expenditures.

For your business, print the following financial statements: QuickBooks facilitates the administration of inflow and outflow processes. Financial statements that detail firm performance is available for printing. QuickBooks has three financial statements:

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet report
  • Cash flow record

Track employee time and expenses

Payroll:- You can manage your payroll with QuickBooks and do the following tasks:-

  • Use a check or direct deposit to pay the employee
  • Federal and state payroll taxes are deducted automatically

Track inventory: – QuickBooks allows you to keep track of the quantity and price of your stock. QuickBooks offers automated reminders for placing inventory orders.

Streamline taxes: The main objective of QuickBooks is to simplify tax season for small businesses. It is quite beneficial while preparing tax returns.

Scan receipt: – You can join a receipt to the associated banking transaction in QuickBooks. To QuickBooks online, you can upload an infinite amount of receipts.

New features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

cutting-edge 64-bit processing ability
The full potential of a 64-bit processor is available with QuickBooks Desktop 2022. Find out how this improves stability and performance. You could do your accounting duties more rapidly if you had a speedier, more reliable version of QuickBooks.

quicker planning and payment of bills

You may schedule and pay bills with QuickBooks using a bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. A physical check or a bank transfer is used to pay vendors.


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