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Salon Service at Home Broke Monopoly of Regular Salons

Salon service at home is a term that needs no introduction today. For quite a while the industry has taken firm roots in society developing an ecosystem of its own. But it is not about salon service at home but rather what it led to. We have always heard the monopolization of any business is always detrimental to the consumers. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Topkapı Seksi Escort Kadınlar Yana Ve Olga | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. And so was the case with the regular salons. Here, we shall be discussing some of the unhealthy practices that the regular salon still follows. Alongside, we shall have a look at how salon service at home countered them and broke its monopoly.

The very first thing that made our list is skyrocketing prices. While it seems okay to pay for something which has something unique or trendy in it whether inherently or may be due to technology, let us say an iPhone, which justifies spending tons of money, nothing of that sort comes to mind which explains why regular salons serving regular and average services to the clients charging huge some that it often felt like buying gold. A small package consisting of facials with quality brands, a hair service, and a manicure-pedicure session should be around Rs 3000. But, somehow, magically, it is taken to as high as Rs 8,000 or even more. It is robbing you legally and with your consent.

  • Switch and bait practices

Many times we have seen huge ad boards and placards flashing various services offered at throw-away prices. The meager prices are successful in luring the person inside. A person enters, just to check out and they usher him to another range of services with exorbitant price tags. They create such pressure that a window shopper or just a curious naïve person bends in front might. This is one evil practice though people are aware, still fall head over heels to them and it should be avoided at all costs. 

  • Non regulation of prices

The service industry does not come with an MRP or carry a government-authorized retail price over its services. Hence it tags a price of its own, no matter howsoever ridiculous. The prices for one specific service vary greatly from one regular salon or a beauty studio to the next. The difference can be quite startling if a customer explores a few salons properly. It would put the customer into great shock and awe when they would discover the price offered to the actual earnings ratio. 

But, with the onset of salon service at home, the shady practices of the salon have shown their true guise which is not beautiful to look at. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Beylikdüzü Sarışın Arzulu Escort Bayan Yeliz | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. It is not a small street talk but rather very credible sources have shown a constant rise in the number of people booking salon at home in Delhi and other parts of the country to put an end to this brazen act of treachery and take matters for good in their own hands. 

A healthy competition has checked regular salons for their malpractices. It’s a clear benefit to the consumer who doesn’t have to spend an extra amount for the same quality of service. This is the change that salon service at home brought. 

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