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Reasons you Should add Eating Kava Plant to Your Diet

Kava Piper methysticum is a kind of plant that is native to the islands that are located in the Pacific Ocean. The roots of this kava plant is used to make kava, a herbal treatment. Its name may be translated as “intoxicating pepper” in English. For hundreds of years, the locals who reside on islands in the Pacific, such as Fiji and Tonga, have used it in their social events and traditional medicine. They either let the roots completely dry or grind them into powder. After that, they dilute the concoction with water and consume it.

Uses and possible health benefits

People use kava to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. In the following, we look at what the research has to say.

Effects that alleviate anxiety

The real benefit of kava plant is its ability to calm tension and stress. In addition, according to research, kava may be helpful in the treatment of the symptoms associated with anxiety disorders.
In 2013, a randomized controlled experiment gave 75 persons suffering from anxiety problems either an extract of kava or a placebo medicine for six weeks. At the end of the research project, they concluded that kava had a marginal but discernible impact on reducing anxiety symptoms. In addition, the participants did not report any difficulties with their livers or other adverse effects, save for headaches.
According to the authors, Kava Plant Benefits for anxiety disorders on a more temporary basis may be beneficial.
According to research that was published in 2011, kava may help reduce feelings of tension and anxiety. On the other hand, the authors believe that further study into the therapy’s efficacy and safety is required before it can be suggested as a treatment option.
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), research studies on the usefulness of kava show inconsistent findings. Because of this, it is difficult to arrive at any definitive conclusions on how beneficial it is in treating anxiety.

Is kava safe?

Kava is safe to use as medicine, but its excessive use can raise many health issues. Kava is present not only in pill or oil form but also present in the form of dried roots, teas, and powder. You can use the kava plant in many form as a medicine, as it helps in reducing anxiety, improve sleep time, and reduce the risk of cancer. Kava can be used as medicine in case of kidney stones as it can control the movement of calcium.


There are many health benefits of kava. These days, anxiety disorders are treated either by medications or talk therapy. Instead of these medications, it will be great to prefer presumably safe, natural remedies like Kava, as it has no side effects. On the other side, many health issues come into existence due to like of sleep; such issues are diabetes, depression, cancer, and high blood pressure. If you use kava as a medicine, it will be the best alternative to sleep medications.

The Impact That Kava has on the Body

Kavalactones are the name given to the active compounds found in kava plant. The potency of kavalactones may vary significantly due to the many factors that influence plant growth, including the kind of soil, the quantity of sunshine, the amount of water available, and the many diverse plant species.
The power of a kava dosage also depends on how the beverage is produced and the quantity of powdered kava mixed with the water. Kava plant is a central nervous system depressant. Even though there is no alcohol in kava plant, it may create symptoms that are very similar to those of being intoxicated. These symptoms include having trouble maintaining balance and speaking in a slurred manner.

Uses of kava in medicine

Concerns about the potential toxicity of kava to the liver led to the prohibition of goods containing the substance throughout the majority of European nations in the year 2003. After investigating the matter in 2005, the Therapeutic Goods Administration decided to lift this prohibition. As a direct consequence of that evaluation, goods in Australia, such as supplements and teabags, now include predetermined levels of kava by industry standards.

Kava Plant Benefits – containing products may help treat stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. However, if you are considering taking kava for therapeutic reasons, you should contact a qualified medical expert before beginning treatment.

Closing Remarks

Kava is a plant historically used as an intoxicating drink by the native people of the South Pacific. It comes from the kava plant. Kava Plant Benefits is to aid with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. From research, it has been found that Kava might have preventive effects on prostate cancer, urothelial cell cancer, and colon cancer. Additionally, Kava help in reducing the risk of cancer as it has a preventive effect on lung cancer in mica.

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