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Reasons Why Children Hate Going to School

Let’s face it – school can be a nightmare, especially for children who often have no choice but to go to school or not. I wrote this post because kids hate school – so teachers, parents, and kids can find some common ground, and hopefully, things will get a little easier like back to school chain.
As a parent, you can also encourage your children when they feel less likely to go to school.

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Why do children hate school?

In school, we are taught that there are only three reasons to do something: because it is good or wrong, or we are punished for not doing it. However, there is a fourth reason we don’t hear much – because. Why do you do things? These are the reasons why children hate school.

Why aren’t children happy at school?

In the United States, we spend over $ 500 billion annually on education. Still, only half of all high school seniors graduate from colleges or universities ready to compete in today’s workforce. And while there are many reasons for this national crisis – including poverty, lack of access to good schools, and teacher unions – one of the most significant factors is that many students hate school-going children.
We are famous because I was one of those children.

Why isn’t school cool?

Schools are not cold. This is especially true for children who often have no choice but to go to school or not.
Schools are not cold because children hate going to school. They are boring because they learn things that are not interesting, at least not for most people, and the way they are taught to change cannot be attractive. Even if you are anxious about learning, nothing is interesting about learning how to memorize dates, how to master complex grammatical rules, or how to solve square equations.
Schools are not cold because what they do is about obedience and adaptation rather than creativity and self-expression. This is especially true for students who do not want to adapt and do not want to listen, but who, over time, learn that if they disagree, they will be punished and still – sometimes detained or Strict punishment is given with suspension or mecidiyeköy escort expulsion.
Schools are not good. After all, they often feel bad about themselves – especially children who hate going to school and already feel bad about themselves because they are poor or have broken families or problems. The school has to be socially fit with other children (and this number is higher than ever before). Schools treat them like “problem students” and impose additional rules on their behavior.


The majority of children hate going to school because they are unhappy at school. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. The causes of the crash are many, but one factor that affects their lives worldwide is the increasing weight given to test results that affect government performance measures and position in the league table. The goal of all education policy leaders should be to develop policies that eliminate these practices. However, until that day comes, many children will feel insecure in school and will always wonder what will happen to them in their next lesson. As we enter 2014, it is hoped that education policymakers will take some positive steps.

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