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Optimal Security Benefits Of Automatic Doors

You may be questioning whether or not to invest in automatic doors as a businessman or administrator. Because they incorporate technology not present in manual doors, you can expect to pay a higher price for them.

Even if you are comfortable about the initial expenditures, you may be unsure that automatic doors can increase your electricity bills or be costly to repair or maintain. You may even assume that automatic doors aren’t necessary for your industry.

Although all of those reasons for remaining with manual doors appear to be valid, they fail to take into account the entire picture. Automatic doors, for example, need energy to open and close, but they could save you money in other ways.

Automatic doors such as an automatic swing door or an automatic slide door can assist to maintain a temperature-friendly environment since they only open as necessary. If customers or staff are unable to leave the door open for longer than necessary, you can save money on heating and cooling.

Besides the energy savings, automatic doors may improve your client’s opinion of your company. 98% of the customers and employees prefer automatic doors, according to a poll by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.

Furthermore, more than half of poll respondents ranked locating an automatic swing door or an automatic slide door in the following positions as very important:

  • Healthcare facilities.
  • Airports.
  • Hotels.
  • Entrances to shopping malls.
  • Stores that sell goods.
  •  Governmental structures.
  • Office complexes.

If you’re still not sure, look at the advantages of automatic doors in another area: safety and protection. Here are four ways that automatic doors can increase safety in corporate and servicing establishments.

Control access

Whenever you think of automatic doors, you generally imagine that they open for everyone who walks up to them. In many circumstances, this is true, and it’s likely what you want if you own a grocery shop, a motel, or a medical practice.

But what if your company or organization just wishes to give access to a few people? Automatic doors are able to assist you in achieving that aim.

Many automatic door systems allow security personnel to regulate whether or not the door opens from a distance. This allows them to regulate who enters and what regions they have access to. In research labs, apartment complexes, banks, and other business structures, this security feature can be extremely useful.

Automatic doors can help keep undesirable eyes and ears out of specific locations even if you don’t have regular security personnel. Some keyless entry systems may connect to automatic entry systems. The door can only be accessible by persons who have active key cards or know the password.

Project a sense of safety

Your business’s design and layout reveal a lot about how diligent you are about security. They leave a lasting impact on anybody who walks into your business or walks into your workplace.

For instance, orderly clothes racks or attractive visual displays not only help clients discover what they’re looking for, but they also show that you care for your facility and what’s within it.

If you have an automatic swing door at entrance, you can project a sense of command and professionalism from the time customers walk in. As soon as those doors slide or swing open, people will know you’re ready to invest in high-tech security measures.

They should naturally anticipate that you’re keen to pay in greater security in other places as well. Potential criminals will regard you as a company they shouldn’t take lightly, and new and current clients will see you as a firm they can trust.

Safeguard lives and property from uncertain fire disasters

Fires are a security risk that all business buildings must be ready for. In the event of a fire, automatic doors from cortech.kr have various advantages.

In the intense and hectic environment, folks will not have to struggle with manual doors.

Furthermore, when fire alarms sound, many automatic doors in inner passageways are set to close. Because these doors are fireproof, they prevent fire from spreading to other areas of the structure.

Boost Customer Security

Automatic doors are beneficial for a variety of reasons, the most significant of which is safety. “Safety/Security” was identified as the second another very essential attribute of automatic doors in the poll above. Only accessibility came in first.

There are numerous options available

There are plenty of types, finishes, patterns, and colors to choose from when it comes to installing automatic doors—the possibilities are effectively limitless! Choose from an automatic swing door, slide door or a fold door from cortech.kr and consult to discover which is ideal for your business.

An automatic swing door features a variety of qualities that allow for various sizes and performance. 

Sliding doors are ideal for areas with a lot of two-way traffic because they increase capacity, accessibility, and effectiveness. 

Revolving doors keep severe elements outdoors, offering an experience that encourages tourists to linger a long while simultaneously allowing enormous crowds to pass through. 

Folding doors take up very little room, making them an excellent choice for businesses who cannot afford to give up additional space.


Customers appreciate automatic doors. They not only boost your company’s image, but they also show consumers that you value them and their time. They’re also useful for reducing crowding by maintaining a continual flow of people.

All automatic doors including an automatic swing door have a lengthy life cycle with regular maintenance and service. They also provide more energy-saving alternatives, which helps to keep expenses down.

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