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Onam Festival: A Complete Guide To The Celebrations In Onam

Onam Festival, a brilliant and colourful event that brings back childhood memories. The “festival of flowers” is the common name for it. During these ten days, the people of Kerala dress up in festive clothing. The fresh flower scent creates a delightful perfume all around after the heavy monsoon season. The foods cooked for Kerala’s National Festival are so flavorful and tempting that everyone wants to dive in as soon as they get to the table. Kerala celebrates Onam Festival for ten days in the month of Chingam.. Large-scale processions, boat races, and ethnic dances like Thiruvathira, Kathakali, and Pulikali the tiger dance are all performed throughout the occasion.You can witness this amazing 10-day festival by simply booking the Kerala temple tour packages from Hyderabad offered by Lock Your Trip.

Onam is a festival commemorating the famous and kind ruler Mahabali, who previously governed Kerala. According to mythology, King Mahabali was thrown down to hell by Lord Vishnu. Who disguised himself as Dwarf Vamana on behalf of the gods who were jealous of Mahabali’s success and luxury. But he was given a request to visit his kingdom once a year, and this day became known as Onam. On this day, the entire town gathers to celebrate the prosperity and affluence that was only assured after the harvest for many. 

Apart from the happy festivities of family gatherings and dining. Onam Festival is filled with a variety of lively and festivities activities. Here are some of the most exciting and attractive festival attractions throughout the Onam Festival’s ten ataşehir escort days. 

Thripunithura Athachamayan

Thripunithura Athachamayan, which marks the beginning of Onam. It is a cultural celebration that includes a street parade where you may see practically all of Kerala’s traditional forms. Caparisoned elephants, floats, musical bands, and a variety of traditional art forms accompany the march. Book a Kerala vacation package to ensure you don’t miss out on this epic celebration commemorating the Raja of Kochi’s victory. 


If you’ve ever heard of Shiah people beating themselves on the day of Moharram, Onathallu is comparable. Onathallu is a tradition in which groups beat each other up. This is a barehanded fight in which the combatants face each other without weapons or rigid rules and hit their friends on the back softly. However, hitting the opponent in the face or punching and kicking them is prohibited. From 12-year-old boys to 40-year-old adults. All clad in white dhotis wrapped like shorts, take part in this enjoyable pastime that is more of a cheerful celebration. Onthallu, a part of the Onam festival, is thought to test men’s stamina, skill, and physical attributes, emulating the martial spirit of famous warriors. 

Kaikottikali Dance

After the men have participated in different events. It is now the turn of the ladies to rock the Onam festival with their famed folk group dance known as the Kaikottikali Dance. Which Keralan maidens dressed in traditional attire perform. A group of eight to 10 ladies form a circle and sing the opening line of the song, followed by a chorus. Puranic stories, folk tales, and devotional songs are sung during this festival to formally welcome the king to the state of Kerala. 

Tiger Dance

The previous Maharaja of Kochi founded it 200 years ago. Who wanted to dance all wild and violent with an excess of manliness. Pulikali, which translates to “the play of the tiger,” is another name for it. Isn’t it cool? Every year, hundreds of performers dressed up as tigers and dance to the sounds of traditional music, carrying on the tradition. The performers travel in street processions and shake their bellies to the beat and hammering of the drum, providing viewers with a beautiful and engaging spectacle. The finest venue to witness the event is at Swaraj Round in Kerala’s Thrissur district. The aim behind artistically antalya escort bayan combining a man and a beast is to flamboyantly commemorate the deep-rooted relationship between humanity and nature. 

Aranmula Snake Boat Race

The Aranmula Snake Boat Race is one of India’s oldest river boat festivities. The fifth day of the Onam holiday is when it takes place. The snake boats that mark this event float smoothly and beautifully along the Pampa River. After the race, the mesmerising mantras recited by the oarsmen resound in the mind and spirit like a pleasant song. Hundreds of thousands of fans, both local and foreign, travel vast distances to participate in this magnificent carnival and take home amazing experiences. 

This festival also has specific historical importance for many Hindus. Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers. It’s said to have returned to his birthplace bearing an idol of Lord Krishna after a lengthy time of patience. However, because of high flooding, he was unable to cross the Pampa River. A bystander offered to ferry him over in an improvised watercraft. To celebrate a local man’s dedication to Arjuna, boat races are held every year on the Pampa River, directly beside the Krishna Temple. 

Thumbi Thullal Dance

The Thumbi Thullal dance is another mesmerising all-women song and art form that controls the 7th day of the Onam festival. While males engage in physically demanding sports, ladies enjoy themselves by performing Thumbi Thullal. The primary performer sits in the centre of a circle and begins a song in her sweet voice, followed by the other women. The singing is accompanied by joyful claps and shouts. The ladies dress in exquisite white sarees, dazzling jewellery, and scented gajras, and they appear to be deities. Watching the Malayali ladies in their relaxed mood is a colourful show. The event continues with jeers and laughing till the day is over. 

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Onakalikal is a festival that includes a brave show of all the abilities and knowledge that rule the Keralites. It is comprised of numerous games that are performed together. Men play Talappanthukali, a sport similar to football. But played with a ball constructed of multiple layers of dried plantain with a solid stone in between. One of which defends the ball and the other seeks to acquire it. The indigenous also play a pleasant and recreational game similar to Kabaddi. Only variation being that the participants say kutu kutu instead of kabaddi to keep track of the attackers. 

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