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Nail fungus- Symptoms and causes

Emerging at the tip of your toenail or fingernail nail fungus is a common condition is a yellow spot. The moment fungal infection becomes deeper, the nail fungus may cause the nails to discolour and crumble at the edge. It is going to have an impact on the various nails.

If the condition is mild and not bothering you then you may not need any form of treatment. But if the nail fungus tends to be painful and has led to thickened nails medication along with self- care tips will be of help. Nail fungal infection cream India can be applied in such cases. The worst part is that even if the treatment is successful there is a possibility it can return back.

Fungal infections are caused by various type of fungi. The common types of fungi is referred to as dermatophyte. Molds along with yeast too can cause fungal infection. This is a form of infection that can develop in people of any age group. Though  it is more common in the older age groups. 

Since the nail ages it becomes dry and brittle. This would result in crack of the nails that would allow fungi to enter. There are other factors like reduced form of blood circulation on to the feet along with a weakened immune system that also has a role to play. Fungal infection is something that may start from the athlete’s foot as it may be spreading from one nail to another nail. Though  it is uncommon to get an infection from somewhere else.

The risk factors

There are some factors that increase the scenario of having a nail fungus

  • When you are older due to reduced blood flow as more the exposure to fungi along with the slower growth of nails
  • If you have a history of athlete’s foot
  • Sweating heavily
  • By walking barefoot in communal areas such as gyms, swimming pools, and shower rooms.
  • Having a minor skin infection or suffering from a skin condition like psoriasis.
  • If there is diabetes or a weakened immune system


If the case of nail fungus is severe, it may be painful and cause permanent damage to your nails. Even it may lead to serious infections that will spread beyond your feet as if you have a suppressed immune system due to diabetes, medication, or other conditions. Suppose if you are suffering from diabetes you could be having reduced blood circulation along with nerve supply at your feet. You may be at a greater risk of bacterial infection. So any form of minor injury to your feet, and that includes a fungal nail infection would point to a serious infection. Check with your doctor if you have diabetes and suffering from nail infections.

To sum up things it is better if we are able to detect fungal infections and prevent them at an early stage. Ketomac cream price may turn out to be a welcome resort in such cases. Even you need to wash your hands and feet regularly.

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