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Mullayanagiri Trek: Highest Peak of Karnataka

One of the cool spots to explore within Karnataka can be Mullayanagiri the highest peak in the state. It’s part of the Baba Budangiri Hills of Chikmagalur Taluk. It rises to 330 bases. Its name is derived from a burial site at the summit that’s dedicated to Mulappa Swamy an oblate saint who was believed to have meditated in grottoes for hours. These same grottoes have been home to batons, and they can be explored.


The most visited tourist destinations in Mullayanagiri Karnataka since it’s a breeze to complete and the scenery is stunning. If you’re still looking to challenge yourself you, the Mullayanagiri trek can be made more difficult by a trip deeper into the Baba Budangiri Hills. This can give you more than 10 kilometers or so of hiking.

The best time

Travel is September through April. The winter months are the worst time to visit as temperatures can range from 14 to 32oC. However, you should still visit Mullayanagiri during the time of thunderstorms, which occurs from June to September, if you wish to experience the Western Ghats in full bloom. It’s bathed in deep shades of green and fog, giving off an aura of mystery.

This impressive gallery

Take you on a an authentic trip to coffee plantations in South India. When you are there you will be able to learn about the art of making coffee timber and the dazzling aspects. It is run under the Coffee Board of India, this is among the mostvisited spots by tour-goers. The intriguing method of harvesting, drying ridingand grinding coffee beans.

Pristine condition, and sunk in the Chikkamagaluru district, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most elegant natural habitats in India that makes it the ideal spot to see interesting wildlife. Fragmented form of an Project Tiger reserve, the wildlife sanctuary also has a wide array of species of cats and creatures. In addition to 250 catcall species as well as 20 leopards and 30 barracuda, the sanctuary is a perfect indulgence for your bones.

Are you interested in wildlife photographers.

 If you are in the area you may also be able to climb Kallathigiri Mountain from where you will be able to see a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding.

At an elevation of 168 meters, Hebbe Falls is one of the best places to have activities and fun in tranquil landscapes. For the journey to Mullayanagiri Hebbe Falls you can also rent the services of a hacker or end with a tour if you want to experience some excitement. Also, the trip will allow you to take in the stunning views of timbers and coffee estates too. It is believed that the waters of the cascade is a source of medicinal properties, which is the reason why travelers from across the globe visit the area.

Kalahasthi waterfall

Also called Kalahasthi waterfall, Kallathigiri Falls is one of the most serene and relaxing spots close to Mullayanagiri. The cascading waterfalls are awe-inspiring in their beauty that seems to come straight from an oil well. The waterfalls also attract a large number of tourists who begin their journey at Tarikere located around 24km to the waterfall. If you’re looking to relax on the stage of nature, be sure to go to Kallathigiri Falls.

Are you searching for an adventure that is complete?

If yes, then traveling towards Z point should be on your calendar. It is possible to reach this stunning point by a difficult journey. The Z Point is elevated around 1500 feet above sea level, Z Point features deep ravines and lets you admire the beautiful views of Kemmangundi. The fresh air and stunning views from the point are well worth the exhausting trek.

With the proximity of coffee plantations,

Thotadhahalli Homestyle is one of the fashionable homestays that offer an enjoyable stay. While there you will be able to take advantage of the numerous plush amenities offered to you. This eco-friendly home not only is a great home for families, but it is also ideal for couples on their own also.

The property is situated in the vicinity of Mullayanagiri

Scenic Acres Sleepover is among the most stylish properties if you’re looking for luxuriousness and tranquility all at once.  This is definitely the ideal place to be when you’re traveling with your family.

Thippanahalli Homestay

Another property that is situated in close proximity to coffee plantations. Thippanahalli Homestay is among the most sought-after homestays close to Mullayanagiri. Because it is close to various edge points and is a great base for a variety of tourists. Great Escafe

However, The Great Escafe is the ideal place to stay if the luxury of a modest budget is what you’re after. The sleepover has a wide range of spacious and well-equipped rooms, as well as pampering guests with luxurious amenities. From soaking up the gorgeous reflections at the on-point restaurant to playing.  Families, and even couples, can take pleasure in an enjoyable stay.

Thanmaya Homestay

However Thanmaya Homestay is the ideal choice for you. Should you want to be in the midst of nature and in sweet coffee plantations. Absolutely cleanly placed in a serene environment, this hotel is ideal for nature lovers and peace activists. The luxurious apartments and numerous facilities make your stay a complete. The sleepover is located at the distance of11.7 kilometers from Mullayanagiri and is accessible it with a brief lift.

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