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List Of Flowers That Grow In India

India is a land of different sceneries; you’ll discover green mountains, blue seas, and yellow sandy deserts here; hence the flower diversity of this country varies from state to state due to soil quality. When we think of blossoms, we usually think of daisies or orchids, both of which are fantastic presenting options. Still, other flowers bloom in India and are used for various purposes from time to time. You can also Send Flowers Online from this list to surprise them.   


This lovely flower will give a splash of colour and pleasure to any landscape. Lotuses are commonly found in brilliant pink and white hues. One of the lotus’ peculiarities is that its petals open early in the morning and close gently in the afternoon and evening.


Rugosas, pink roses, yellow roses, hybrid musk roses, floral carpet roses, desi roses, Kashmiri roses, and others can be planted. India’s climate is suitable for the growth of roses throughout the year. The morning sun is especially important since it dries the leaves, which helps avoid disease. Order roses online as these are grown in the shade may not die right away, but they will deteriorate over time, producing harsh blooms and poor overwintering.


Cosmos flowers come in various colours, including rose, pink, crimson, purple, and white. There are both single and double petals in this flower. Cosmos have 5-8 petals in a cup-shaped flower head. The plants range in height from 15 to 120 cm. This is one of the greatest flower seeds for the rainy season.


This unusual flower blooms in the spring and summer and is native to portions of India’s south. The petals contain a set of white stamens in the middle and slender dark-purple borders. This flower is also available in an orange-yellow hue.

Brahma Kamal 

If you enjoy hiking and mountain climbing, you’ve probably heard of this unusual flower. This unique and beautiful flower is supposed to blossom only once a year and only after sunset in Uttrakhand’s stunning valley of flowers. Those who have seen this magnificent bloom feel fortunate, yet it remains a dream for many others.


The tuber is a plant that bloom at night and can be grown in earthen pots or directly in the ground. In India, the tuberose flower is known as Rajnigandha or Nishigandha since it is often utilized as a note in perfumes and smells pleasant at night. Tuberose essential oil and pure are antidepressants that can help you relax when stressed.  


Tulip flowers are huge, vividly colored blooms that belong to the Liliaceae family. Order Online Flower Delivery In Nagpur as they are widely used as ornamental garden plants, and India has only one tulip garden, which is also Asia’s largest.


Lantana is a colorful, broad-leaved flower that, despite its appearance, is classified as a shrub rather than a vine. They come in various colors, including yellow, orange, white, red, and purple, among others. These hues can be blended to produce a bicolored look that will only add to the overall beauty of the landscape.

Flowers are nature’s most gorgeous and magnificent kaleidoscope of colors. The Flora has compiled a list of some of India’s uncommon and endangered flower species from among the four lac species. Some bloom during specified seasons, while others have yet to be discovered. Nature is full of secrets and riches; stay tuned to The Flora to learn more.

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