Know the Admission Procedure in CBSE School in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a famous city and is known for incredible things. When it comes to education, Hyderabad is the place for the students. Students from Pan India come here for better educational opportunities. The city believes in quality education, and the Indian Government recognizes CBSE as a national-level education body. Some best international schools in Hyderabad also follow the CBSE curriculum because of its teaching methodology, high infrastructure, global structure, and excellent amenities for students, parents, teachers, and other staff. Hence, the CBSE school in Hyderabad are gaining tremendous popularity.

Right to provide the best education

Every parent has the right to give the best to their children. The mostly international-level school also follow the CBSE curriculum, which is a significant achievement. The reason depends on the syllabus, teaching procedure, admission factor, and even the prospect of a student’s career. After home, school is where kids spend most of their time. It plays a vital role in shaping a child’s physical and mental development. Taking that one right decision for the kids is challenging for many parents. In India, the formal schooling concept is quite popular because it develops social culture in students, develops communication skills, teaches to tackle life challenges, and gathers immense knowledge of the surrounding environment from teachers and friends in schools.

Admission procedure in CBSE school in Hyderabad

• There will be an admission register form in which State Government/ Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti will maintain “School” where every student’s name will be entered.

• The student will be given an admission number once admitted to the school. This number will carry forward through the entire journey in the respected school. After the student’s absence, if a student returns, it will resume again based on the admission number.

• Suppose a student is applying to join a new school after attending a previous school. In that case, an original copy of the Transfer Certificate must be submitted in the same format as Annexure I of the last school so that it helps the student enter the name in the new school’s Admission register.

• No student will get admission to a higher standard apart from being entitled to the transfer certificate.

• A student cannot migrate from one school to another when the name is up for the board examination in the current session. It is possible only in exceptional conditions from the Chairman’s authorized halkalı escort validation.

• Before leaving the school, the student must clear all the dues of the current session. With all due clearance, the student will receive the transfer certificate. If the school is convinced that the original transfer certificate is lost, then only a student will get a duplicate copy of the same.

• Suppose a student, not from an affiliated board wants admission to the boarding school, then in such case. In that case, the student must produce an authority countersigned transfer certificate in Annexure-I format.

• If the student or parent misinterprets any facts about the student’s educational career, then the school may punish the student as per Education Act and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Samiti rules.


If you plan to enroll your child in a CBSE board school, you must know that CBSE school Admission Hyderabad follows the CBSE Admission procedures mentioned above. CBSE schools ensure that the students achieve the best education and imbibe the knowledge in a friendly manner. Hence, let your child study in a CBSE curriculum, especially in Hyderabad schools, will be your life’s best decision. It shapes your child’s future and career for the better good. It is the most popular curriculum board that thinks about students’ overall development.

Meru International School

Meru International School is among the top 10 international schools in Hyderabad in close proximity to Madhapur, Gachibowli, Miyapur, Chandanagar & Kukatpally. The academic philosophy of the school is to ensure the holistic development of every child.

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