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Jaryan Treatment – The Best Herbal Medicines for Jaryan

Jaryan (Dhatu Rog) that causes frequent involuntary discharges. The semen may discharge at night by a nightfall. Also, it may ejaculates in the daytime without any sexual desire by day dream. Have you ever gone through such conditions? If not frequent, then there is no need to worry. But if this unwanted semen ejaculation occurs at least 3 times a week, it indicates you are not well. You must read this article to find different options for jaryan treatment.

To Whom You Must Consult for Jaryan Treatment?

Your general physician can easily identify the jaryan (mani k qatray ana) by a physical examination. He may suggest some other tests before reaching any conclusion. He may also refer you to an urologist. An urologist is a person specialized in urinary tract disorders. He also deals with other male and female reproductive ailments.

Possible Treatment of Jaryan

Jaryan treatment is possible in Unani system by all the four approaches:

  • Jaryan treatment by diet (Ilaj bil ghiza)
  • Regimental therapy for Jaryan treatment (Ilaj bil tadbeer)
  • Herbal medicines for jaryan treatment (ilaj bil dawa)
  • Surgical approach for jaryan treatment (Ilaj bil jarahat)

Jaryan Treatment by Diet (Ilaj Bil Ghiza)

The first method for jaryan treatment (jaryan ka ilaj) involves your dietary habits. Healthy meals during the day makes you healthy and happier. Add more fibre in your diet as it will take you away from the risk of constipation. Constipation makes jaryan worse than alone it could be. Spices in food, especially chilli flakes, cause irritation and itching in genital organ. Avoid spices otherwise you will suffer a lot by such negligence.

Regimental Therapy for Jaryan Treatment (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer)

Ilaj bil tadbeer suggests the various practices in daily life for a quick recovery. For example,

  • Eating healthy food is good. But a food doesn’t remain healthy when taken on inappropriate timings. Take your daily three meals and give enough time to your stomach to digest the ingested food is best for pait dard ka ilaj.
  • Quit smoking and other alcoholic or energy beverages for good.
  • Go for exercise, a short walk or cycling to increase your body moments.
  • If you are cycling for a long time, then quit it immediately. Cycling builds up a pressure on penile muscles. It damages the penis and affects the sperm quality.
  • Exercises such as kegel exercises are beneficial. It impacts the penile muscles. Repetition of 3 sets of this exercise for at least 6 weeks gives profound outcomes.
  • Do not use tight underpants, especially when you are suffering from jaryan. These underpants do not allow air passage. As a result a person develops other urinary infections along with jaryan. Also, air passage is important for sperm quality. Male sperms need moderate temperature in testis. This air passage helps in regulating the temperature according to body and external environment.

Herbal Medicines for Jaryan Treatment (Ilaj Bil Dawa)

We have a variety of single herbs and herbal compounds in our herbal bazaar for jaryan treatment (mani ke qatre aane ka ilaj). They directly or indirectly work on the balancing of testosterone levels in our body. Also, they increase the sexual desire. These herbal remedies not only treat jaryan but also enhance the sperm quality. They increase the sperm motility and sperm count. They act as;

  • Rejuvenator
  • Immunomodulation
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Tonic
  • Anti-inflammation

Single Herbs for Jaryan

  • Kapikachhu (Asparagus racemosus): An adaptogenic herb
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Anti-diuretic and anti-inflammatory herb
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus): A herb with antibacterial, antioxidant, and hepato-protective effects

Compound Herbal Remedies for Jaryan

  • Qurs jaryan: tablets for nocturnal emission and spermatorrhea
  • Kushta Qalai: A herbo-mineral medication. It is made of Phitkari (Alum), Aloe Vera, and purified Cannabis Sativa
  • Dhatupaushtic Churan: A digestive powder with aphrodisiac effects


The Jaryan problem is not new for men. That’s why we have no shortage of herbal home remedies for jaryan treatment (peshab ke qatre aane ka ilaj). But we prefer traditional methods. We do not have sufficient research to describe the efficiency of these treatments. But their remarkable traditional backgrounds prove their effectiveness for jaryan ka ilaj.

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