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Is Call Trapping Really Possible in 2022?

A cell phone is a primary gadget that is mostly used worldwide. Roughly 170 minutes are spent on the internet by cellphone users. A cellphone was first used just for making calls and sending text messages. But with the introduction of smart devices, it is now a full-fledge tool that can do anything for you.

Misusing of power with the help of gadgets

You can make a call text, email, order food, make money, transit money, book a flight, learn a new school, and whatnot. With so much power comes responsibilities as well as the famous saying goes but unfortunately things are different. People are practically misusing and abusing this power and can simply hide behind the smart gadgets’ cover.

Social Media Apps

Instant messenger chat apps and social media have made things worse as now you can send a text and make a free call through such apps. But thankfully there are such figures who sensed the too much power of smart gadgets and technology timely and started working on making the countermeasures and tools.

Theonespy Spy App

A spy app or monitoring software in fact is the countermeasure of too much addiction and involvement of smart gadgets in our life.   Features like Geo-fencing, keystroke logging, mic bugging, and call trapping are just some of the few examples an efficient spy app offer to its users. I am here to tell you about one of the best spy apps called Theonespy.

You can install the app on Android or iPhone and know about the caller id right away.  After learning about call trapping might be interested in how to know about the exact location of the target or what is your kid posting n Facebook or Instagram. Well, the answer to the above-mentioned questions and much more are available on the Theonespy site.

Call Trapping:

The call trapping feature lets the user know about the caller Id of the target device. You can use the feature to know about the incoming and outgoing phone book records of your teen, or your employees as well. Make sure to install the app on the company-owned devices only to know about the work-related caller id.

Track any suspicious numbers right away and take timely action. The call traping that was once just a fantasy thing in the movie is now available for the common man. All you need to do is follow the legal formalities and protocols and you are good to go.

Call Recording :

The app also offers a call recording feature for its user. You can remotely record any call of the target gadget and can know about the detail of the conversation.

Text Logging:

Text logging is another feature that is effectively using by parents and employers. Read the teen text message and know if they are being bullied or harassed. You can also track and code language or messages in the employee’s conversation as well.


Geo-fencing the extraordinary feature allows the user to virtually mark a safe and restricted zone on google map the user. You can use this feature to stop your kid from going to the adult club or know about any suspicious meeting of the employee.


Track the real-time location of the target with the help of the live location tracking feature offered by the Theonespy spy app. The app also allows the user to know about the seven-day history of the target whereabouts and movement as well.

Camera Bugging:

Remotely control the target’s rear and front camera and capture surroundings with the help of the camera bug feature.

Mic Bugging:

Listen to live sounds, chats, and discussions around the target device by bugging the mic of the target gadget. The feature can be sued to track the company of the kid or to know about any inside official matter.

Social Media Monitoring :

Social media monitoring features include the Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, Skype spy app, and many more. You can even get into the private chat box of the platform as well with the help of this app.

Keystroke Logging:

Keystroke logging keeps the record of every keypad-related activity of the target gadget. It means you have access to the passwords, account information, digital records, email, and much more.


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