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How You Can Transfer Messages From Android To iPhone?

Transfer Messages From Android To iPhone

You might have purchased a new mobile phone and want to transfer some data to your new mobile phone. Many people switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa. In such cases, they prefer transferring all the data including the messages that we have received on your previous mobile phone. Sending images and other files might be easier with the laptop and some applications. Before you decide to sell your old phone, you must take a backup of the data and erase it. However, transferring messages might be a tricky task for the user. Here is a step-by-step guide to help the android user to switch important messages from android to the iPhone.

You might need a computer even to perform this task.

  1. They will need to launch a mobile trance on your computer. One can do this by going to the official website of mobile trans and downloading its latest version. After downloading the mobile trans you will need to launch it so you can see the homepage.
  2. You will need to connect both of your mobile phones to the computer. By clicking on a flip button, you can transfer files between two devices with different operating systems. this is similar to transferring WhatsApp between two devices. One can also choose to alter the source and destination mobile phone.
  3. You will now need to choose the file type and start the transfer. Just choose the file types you want to transfer. Simply click on start and make sure that both of your mobile phones are connected during this transfer. You need to click on clear data before copying to erase the existing data from your new mobile phone.

All about mobile trans

Mobile trans is a software version that is used for the transfer of data between two mobile phones. The only difference between the software and application version is that the application didn’t need to be downloaded on both the devices value transfer the data. After version can only be downloaded on a computer and the data exchange is the symbol, however, mobile trance is known for its best cross-platform transfer speed. The application, as well as software, can seamlessly and safely transfer all the data from one device to another. WhatsApp data, messages, images, and so on. There are also QR codes available to attach devices. There is no requirement for the internet or supporting platforms to transfer data.

MobileTrans – Phone

Mobile runs a feature of the phone to phone transfer by using the software. It allows you to transfer up to 18 different types of data which include photos, messages, contacts, music, applications, books, notes, and form many other options available. There is no need to reset any device or delete the original data value sacrifice for the required data. There are no technical terms or any  Other special requirements to be followed by the user. Using mobile runs is very easy. The software and application support more than 6000 mobile devices whether it is android or iOS.

Other features of mobile trans:-

1. Supports a variety of mobile device

Mobile transfer supports a variety of mobile devices including android, iOS, and Windows. Different ecosystems have to be dealt with differently. One cannot perform activities without the right tools to switch between these devices. If you are switching on changing from Android to iOS, this software will help you transfer this type of data between two devices. You can switch from iOS to android phones, android to iOS, iOS to iOS, or even Windows to iOS.

2. Secure, Fast, And Selectable

The sole person is you who have access to their data or devices. This is a secure way of transferring data from one device to another device. The mobile transfer never keeps any of your data without your permission. You have the liberty to select data that can be specifically transferred according to your requirements. There is no need for an internet connection to translate any data.

3. You do not need to delete the original data

Generally, the data while the transmission of data is from other applications. The applications require your destination device to be a brand-new device without setting it up. This is not the case with mobile trance. You will not be forced to delete your data while you are transferring it.

4. Simple and Easy Process

There is no lengthy process to be followed with the Mobile trans software or application.  All the data transfers can be done in just one click.


There might be times when your and my mobile phone is damaged and you are unable to transfer data from your old mobile phone to the new one. In this case, you need to reach out to a mobile repair store. One of the best mobile repair stores that you’ll come across is Quick Mobile. Quick Mobile is a website that will help you with mobile solutions for any android as well as iOS devices. The customers that are dealing with Quick Mobile a present all over the nation so you can ensure that Quick Mobile is a trustworthy source.

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