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How to Wager on NFL Football

The first question to address straight away is “Is it legal for me to wager on NFL games online?” In response, the following list of jurisdictions allows online NFL betting:

New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming; Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, and New Jersey.

How to Place an NFL Bet

The second query is how to bet on the NFL online as long as you are in one of those states and are at least 21 years old. Here’s a quick, step-by-step tutorial on how to wager on NFL games at the top sports betting sites before we get into where to bet on the NFL:

  • To begin betting on the NFL, use the links or banners in this article.
  • Provide the required details on your registration form, including your name, age, and email address.
  • Based on the sign-up bonuses we have in store for you, make your first deposit.
  • Go to the NFL wagering page.
  • In order to add an option to your bet slip, click on its odds.

Set a bet amount that meets the requirements of the new-user promo you are claiming. Alright, let’s talk about where to bet on the NFL by examining the sportsbooks and welcome packages that are accessible for you to take advantage of right now.

Where Can I Bet Online NFL Games?

We have the top locations for NFL betting now that you know how to wager on the game. We’ve included information on each of the top sportsbooks below, many of which provide fantastic sign-up bonuses to get you started.

How to Bet on the NFL

These are the best sportsbooks for NFL wagering, but we still want to make sure you understand NFL wagering. The money line, total (over/under), and point spread are the three common betting markets. These include projecting a team’s likelihood of winning, margin of victory, ability to keep a game close, and whether the total number of points in the match will exceed or fall short of a certain threshold.

Common NFL Betting Structures

We have also discussed a number of other well-liked betting markets for you now that you are aware of the conventional markets and the answer to the question, “Can I bet on NFL games online legally?”

NFL Spreads

Apart from the regular markets discussed before, parlays are among the most common types of bets. Actually, for this kind of wager, money lines, spreads, and totals are frequently employed. Parlays are made by combining several bet choices to get advantageous odds.

But in order to win, a parlay needs every wager to be successful. The parlay is a loser if even one of the choices is not successful.

NFL Parlay for the Same Game

As the name would imply, a Same Game Parlay (SGP) is a particular kind of parlay in which picks are made from a single matchup. A lot of fans take advantage of this chance to put together many player props using something akin to a money line. Every selection in an SGP must be successful, just like in a regular parlay.

NFL Teasers

Though they are a little more subtle than parlays, teasers and parlays are comparable. They combine several options, but they end up being more appealing. A bettor may, for instance, pair two distinct spreads and obtain them at more advantageous values.

Though there are other alternatives, six points is the standard. Put otherwise, a 7.5-point favorite would drop to a 1.5-point favorite, meaning they would only need to win by a margin of two points. A teaser needs each selection to be effective in order to win, just as the previous two.

NFL Prospects

Futures markets provide yet another way to wager on the NFL. These are mostly concerned with projecting long-term outcomes, like Super Bowl winners, club win totals, and accolades. Naturally, this implies that they take longer to materialize, but they frequently provide excellent plus-money odds. As long as you can forecast something like a person getting an award or a team winning the Super Bowl, they are successful.

Other Well-liked NFL Picks

When it comes to the best sportsbooks to bet on the NFL, the ones listed above are the most well-liked betting markets, but there are more. Prop markets are becoming more and more varied, but many enthusiasts like the one we highlighted while describing SGPs. That would be player props, which would be things like guessing whether a player will score a touchdown or surpass a given amount of yards gained through passing, rushing, or receiving.

NFL Betting Lines & Odds Explanation

When we initially broke out how to wager on the NFL, we described the conventional markets. Now, let’s go into more detail about how those lines and odds are calculated. Picking such odds for money lines is just placing a wager on a winning team.

A preferred number (-), like -150, is used to identify it. That implies that if that side wins, a $15 gamble is needed to get a $10 profit. An underdog is denoted with a plus symbol (+), like +150 in this case. If that is the case, then the wager of $10 would earn $15 provided that team wins.

A favorite in point spread betting is a team that is predicted to win by a particular margin. A -6.5 point favorite must therefore win by a minimum of seven points. Conversely, a +6.5 underdog needs to avoid an upset or keep the game within six points.

The easiest to understand is probably the game totals (over/under). They are fixed at a certain value, like 36.5. In that case, if at least 37 points are scored, a wager on the over would be profitable. On the other hand, if the game finishes with 36 points or fewer, the under is the winner of the wager.

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