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How to select the best from the list of web development companies in Kolkata?

We live in an era where if we want to know about something we simply google it. So it is very significant for a business to make its presence in the web world. This is where the term “web development” makes its presence. Web development is basically the process of developing websites for the Internet as its host. It is a communication-based tool through which an organization communicates to its online-based queries. Websites are a part of web development companies that contains web related pages having a single domain and information related to a specific topic. It enables the functionality of a website as per the website owner’s requirement. 

Website development has made its introduction in the last decade and it is a huge concept. Organisations mainly try to communicate, spread awareness and reach masses by providing vital information about their products or brand through their website. Nowadays every kind of business has their own websites which are their face to the world and websites are helping them in staying connected with their customers all the time. 

The basics of web development can be divided into two parts: user experience and user interface. User experience is the experience of the user while accessing the website, and user interface determines the outlook of the website to users. Now we will understand how a web development company works.

How does a website development company work?

A web development agency has a wide scope. In the beginning of this blog, we learned about the importance of web development and now we will concentrate on its working structure. The basis of a web development agency to work is proper business understanding and following communication attributes. Firstly a web development agency while developing a website for a client requires to develop an information architecture for the website. This includes the structure of information that will be displayed on the website. Then the initial design will be shown to the client for alterations. The graphic designer, art director, visualizer will prepare and send a layout of designs to the client. If the client wants any kind of alteration, he will send it back to the company. Then after preparing the final design it is converted from PSD to HTML format. So it is significant for a web development company to have this under one roof. Now we will discuss why a website is essential for an organization. 

Why Website is necessary? 

We now live in the generation of globalization and here any product from any part of the world is just a figure touch away. And this has become possible due to website development. Website development has helped businesses to reach its peak. Web development is a very big concept starting from the idea of how an organization should represent itself to the world to the execution of the idea. 

A website is very much necessary as it helps to convey information about an organization and its products and services to their specific audiences. It represents the organization to the outer world. 

Growth of website development companies 

The growth of web development companies has also risen with the rise in demand for website development. Recent times have seen many web development companies in the making and providing services to a wide number of businesses across. But all of them are not the ones that can make your business website shine and with so many options it becomes difficult for a person to select the best one and the right one suiting his requirements. So in this blog, we will discuss how you can find the best web development company in Kolkata for developing your business website.

1)The portfolio of the company 

For choosing the best web development agency in Kolkata, you need to check the portfolio of the agency. This is the most suitable way for comprehending whether the agency creates the type of website you require for your business. It is probable that most web development companies may not have the exact website that you are looking for. However, from their portfolio, you will be able to have an idea if the same kinds of elements required to build your website are present or not. 

For instance, if you want to have a website that can be used for purchasing products, then you will have to ensure that the web development company that you are planning to hire has created e-commerce websites or not. The principal thing that you can do is to scrutinize their portfolio, check their website designs and see if their creations are matching with the approach that you require for your website. 


When you search for a good website development company for developing your website you should look into the fact that the agency should be authorised and has done works in the past for reputed brands. 

Thorough verification is very much required for choosing a website development agency in Kolkata. Going through the website, case studies, review, blogs of the company that you are planning to hire is very much important.

3)Location of the company’s office 

Another factor that you should consider while hiring a web development company is whether the office of the company is located in a zone where you can meet them whenever required. You should hire a web development company whose office is located at a feasible distance. 

Furthermore, society is suffering a lot these days due to fraudulent activities. So being aware of the location of the company’s office could save you from falling in any scam and end up hiring an agency whose true story is just one person in a room. 

4) Customer Service 

A business mainly runs on the art of client servicing. The way an agency deals with its clients is the symbolization of how the agency develops and operates its products and services. The web development agency in Kolkata that you are planning to hire must be always available to respond to your messages and take your calls.

If you require any updates to your website, the agency must take immediate action to do the needful. You can easily make an idea of the operations of the company by observing how fast it is returning your request. 

5)Testimonials and References 

One of the vital areas where you can get further knowledge about the best company in Kolkata is by searching for testimonials or references regarding the company. Ensure that you have taken all the required steps in being confident that the company you select is the ideal one for your website.


In conclusion, we can say that there is no such guideline for web development. Each web development agency functions with varied business models. You will have to do thorough research to find out the best web development company in Kolkata. For solving all your issues regarding website development and ranking, Hub Media provides you with a wide array of solutions.

Hub Media, a web development agency in Kolkata can provide you with amazing web development with which you can gain website traffic.

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