How to promote a medical dental clinic?

How to promote a medical-dental clinics website in such conditions? The task becomes non-trivial. It’s not enough here to “make everything no worse than others” – this is the Minimum, which should be the default. And here, it is necessary not only to do everything well – it is essential to stand out from the rest, but – by all reasonable efforts to consolidate the visitor’s loyalty.

Dentistry is perhaps the most striking example of the difficulties facing private medicine.

The situation is tricky:

  • huge demand;
  • huge competition;
  • the most difficult psychological background of such services (fear);
  • the rapid growth of the role of the Internet and social platforms in people’s lives.

Even though the market is still actively developing, it isn’t easy to enter. Sticking to it is even more difficult. This means that the maximum possible funds and technologies should be implemented. Let’s talk about sefakoy escort them.

SEO-optimization in dental clinics

The abbreviation SEO stands for “search engine optimization” – optimization for search engines. And this is not only the preparation of the technical part of the site to bring it to the first lines of search results but also a comprehensive work on the competent alignment of the content part of the site visible to the end-user: design, texts, illustrations, photographs, and so on.

A whole range of works aimed at increasing the site’s position in search results. Consequently, you can attract more visitors (potential customers). The first position on the first page is a perfectly achievable ideal, but there is no abstract “1 line”. Such positioning is always associated with search queries – what the representatives of our target audience, patients with problem teeth, are looking for.

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There are several key categories to note here:

  • The requests for services – fillings, crowns, enamel restoration, restoration of chips, etc., etc.;
  • A requests with a generalized name of services;
  • requests related to geography – the location of the clinic is a determining factor for many since a visit to the dentist has to be adjusted to the work schedule;
  • Combined requests, combining all of the above in various proportions.

An intelligent choice of such queries for promotion is SEO’s most important strategic task in dental clinics. But, at the same time, you can’t “do it well once and forget it” – the ranking is constantly in dynamics, continually changing, so positions need to be monitored and corrective measures taken in time.

Contextual advertising

Another mechanic related to search queries and key phrases. All the work on selecting keys from the previous paragraph will serve here.

It’s not a replacement for search engine rankings – it’s a powerful addition that remains relevant even when achieving the desired high position on the first page. This is what “context” gives:

  • a chance to be in the ad feed – and this block is higher than any search results;
  • coverage growth;
  • the ability to catch on to near-relevant queries that we did not work with directly;
  • The ability to appear on partner sites of search engines.

Content management

The promotion of dental clinics requires close informational work with the target audience. To treat teeth for the vast majority is painful and scary, and any ambiguities only increase fear.

Hence the need to conduct explanatory work with future patients. What to write about:

  • methods of treatment of the most common dental pathologies and diseases;
  • review articles concerning the use and development of dental clinics technologies (both in the world and in a particular institution);
  • Information on the prevention of caries and other problems.

Separately, the content that results from feedback is worth mentioning. These are patient reviews and communication between the target audience and clinic specialists in the “question-answer” format.

High-quality, unique content is also a significant plus for the site’s reputation in the eyes of search engines, so this kind of work allows you to solve several diverse promotion tasks simultaneously.

Social Media Marketing – promotion in medical marketing

Medical Social Media Marketing – advertising dental clinics using social networks. The role of this technology is growing today – various social platforms have become an integral part of life for a whole generation, and the “zone of influence” of these platforms is constantly increasing.

And again, psychology comes into play – many do not believe in advertising, and the situation is aggravated regarding such a frightening thing as dental treatment. This means people are trying to find first-hand information from acquaintances and those who have already visited this or that doctor in person. Where are they looking for? In social networks.

For the clinic, this means an urgent need to indicate its presence on such sites – for advertising, to conduct a dialogue with representatives of the target audience, and to receive valuable feedback.

Newsletters via e-mail

Of course, this is not about banal spam. Instead, competent dental clinic promotion involves direct mailing aimed primarily at those who have already visited a particular institution.

This tool solves the following tasks:

  • Informing the target audience about various profitable offers (promotions, discounts, etc.). Dental care is expensive, so the opportunity to save money can have a strong motivational effect.
  • A reminder of the need for regularly scheduled check-ups and preventive measures, especially under the sauce “it’s cheaper and more painless to prevent than to cure.”
  • The struggle for trust and loyalty – information about the dental clinic, doctors, and methods. The more the client knows, the better his attitude towards a particular medical institution.


A mechanism that ensures repeated exposure of advertising to those users who have previously visited the cabinet site at least once. Retargeting technology allows you to work on various platforms, including social networks.

The key advantage is bringing a hesitant patient to a specific decision.

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