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How to Get A Personal Loan With A Co-Applicant

One of the most common and recommended methods for obtaining a loan when additional money is needed is through a personal loan. Since the loan is arranged so that you are not required to put up any collateral, it is crucial to understand that the bank or NBFC takes into account some significant factors when determining your ability to repay the loan. These include your income level, credit score, employment status, and other factors.

Your tax returns, bank statements, and other comparable documents are used by lenders to determine the applicant’s income levels. Adding a co-applicant to the loan application and making it a Personal Loan with a Co-Applicant improves your case, therefore this method has been chosen by many consumers in India and around the world.

Who is a co-applicant?

A co-applicant is someone who shares in your personal loan obligations. When it comes to home loans, co-application is a regular element, with couples being the most popular co-application combination. Some banks and financial institutions are now adding personal loans to the list of products that can use this function.

The original applicant and any co-applicants are both equally liable for loan repayment. Both applicants’ credit histories and incomes are taken into consideration while making the decision. Both applicants’ credit ratings suffer in the event of a default, and the lender is fully within its rights to take legal action against both of them.

Who can be a co-applicant?

The most typical co-applicant for a personal loan is a spouse. However, you can also include your children, siblings, or parents as co-applicants for a personal loan.

Role of a co-applicant?

Simply put, a co-applicant is in charge of paying back the lender for the Personal Loan. Both applicants’ credit scores and income levels are taken into account when processing the application to determine who is eligible for a personal loan. Similar to this, if the couple defaults on the personal loan, both parties’ credit scores would suffer, and the lender has the authority to take legal action against either party if it sees şişli escort

How is co-application is helpful?

In the case of Personal Loans, there are several benefits to co-borrowing or applying for a Personal Loan with a co-applicant. Following are some of the main advantages of co-borrowing:

Better eligibility

Since both applicants’ incomes are taken into account when determining personal loan eligibility, co-borrowing makes it possible to obtain a higher-ticket Personal Loan than would be possible with just one applicant. Couples who apply jointly for a personal loan benefit from better eligibility terms than those who apply separately. This is particularly valid for unions in which both members are employed and have a reliable source of income.

Lower debt to income ratio

A higher debt-to-income ratio is one of the main obstacles to taking out a personal loan. When authorizing the personal loan, the amount of debt as a percentage of your monthly income is computed. If you apply for a personal loan along with your spouse as a co-applicant, the debt-to-income ratio is reduced. Lenders typically dislike approving loans that increase your debt-to-income ratio above 40%. It helps keep it under 40% if your spouse is a co-applicant for a personal loan. As a result, it will undoubtedly increase your chances of being authorized for a large Personal Loan.

Helps in supporting credit score

The credit score is greatly supported by co-borrowing. It is crucial to have a second applicant in case your spouse has a higher credit score. Because the credit scores of both applicants are taken into account. While this is true, adding a co-applicant will only reduce your chances of being approved for a personal loan if your partner’s credit score is lower than yours.

Better interest rate

A couple that co-applies for a personal loan may be able to get a lower interest rate. Because the lender determines the interest rate after taking into account criteria including income, credit score, and loan amount. Because both partners are co-applicants, the lender has a higher likelihood that the loan will be repaid, which can allow the lender to cut the Personal Loan interest rate.


Regardless of the type of loan, you apply for, whether as an individual or jointly, make sure you pay your debts on time to keep your credit score strong for all future credit demands.

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