How to Export Google Takeout to Office 365 Account?

Learn how to import Google Takeout to your Office 365 account in this post. Using a specialised toolbox, you may effectively export Google Takeout to Office 365. Don’t worry if you have ever run into difficulties when attempting to do so. I’ll outline the ideal method for moving a Google Takeout account to an O365 account.
How frequently do you use Google each day? According to research, daily Google searches are done by half of the population.

You most likely learned about Google Takeout if you’ve used Google, which is assumed.

Clients may import and export data from a variety of Google products using Google Takeout, a step for data recovery. Basically, Google Takeout compiles all of your Google data into a single record that can be downloaded.

You have come to the correct place if you are also searching to export Google Takeout to Office 365 document. You will truly learn how to save Gmail Google Takeout data to your Office 365 business account from this post.

Why Do Users Need to Convert Google Takeout to Office 365?

It is not feasible for anyone to enable the switching of messages from Google Takeout to Office 365 without a significant cause. Look at some necessary justifications for finishing the transformation cycle:

  • Office 365’s growing popularity is mostly a direct result of its wonderful features, affiliation, etc.
  • You must access the messages from a single specified device when it comes to Google Takeout messages.
  • Anyhow, Office 365 grants you access to all of your email data from any device you are now using. There are a few associations that change their organisational structures often, and in those cases, Office 365 plays a vital role.
  • As you will have to arrange them properly, working in an organisation that deals with a big amount of data are definitely not a simple activity. Office 365 gives users the freedom to preserve large amounts of data without worrying about restrictions.
  • Office 365 performs some amazing things to assist you in improving your workspace’s efficiency thanks to a simple user interface and an impressive data storage limit.

Best Solution to Export Google Takeout to Microsoft 365

Using the finest 4n6 Google Takeout Archive Converter tool, a user may effortlessly export Google Takeout to Office 365 account. Users will have a direct option to export Google Takeout to Office 365 using the toolkit. For the conversion, a user merely has to choose all of the necessary mailbox items.

Only the first 10 emails may be exported during the free trial of the Google Takeout to Office 365 Converter software. The program must first be activated by acquiring a licence if you wish to transfer more than 10 emails from Google Takeout to the Microsoft O365 account.

How to Use Google Takeout to Microsoft 365 Exporter Tool?

  • Download the Google Takeout to Microsoft 365 Exporter and then install it on your windows platform
  • After that, click on the Open button and escort ankarathen select the Email Data files >> Google Takeout file >> upload the files on the software panel
  • Tap the Export button in the menu bar and then select the Office 365 option to continue the conversion process
  • Hit the save button after selecting the destination path of the resultant files
    export Google Takeout to Office 365

Advance Feature of Google Takeout to Microsoft 365 Exporter

Naturally, it is important to be aware of both the features and advantages that each tool offers before choosing it. The Google Takeout to Office 365 Migration tool is in the same situation. Here are some advantages of using this technology that we can see:

  • It enables users to export Google Takeout archives with attached files to O365.
  • While import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 accounts, the tools maintain data accuracy.
  • Multiple Google Takeout users can be converted to Office 365 accounts in bulk by users.
  • It gives users access to the Filter Settings feature, which allows for selective email selection.
  • The Google Takeout to Office 365 tool is compatible with all Windows versions.

You need to begin using the tool now that you are fully aware of it and its importance. The best thing is that utilising it efficiently doesn’t require you to install any other applications.


I described the ideal way to export Google Takeout to Office 365 account in tunalı escort the post above. Because of how simply this utility functions, a user may utilise this toolkit without having to have a sophisticated technical understanding.

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