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How to draw a Manatee

How to draw a Manatee

Learn to draw a beautiful naval room with simple drawing ideas and step-by-step and a video tutorial. You can now easily draw a beautiful lake room. Lake Knows is a large aquatic mammal. These are slow swimmers who feed on underwater systems. There are three types of manatee: Manatee or Florida or Florida, the Amazon Sea, and the West African Seekuh. It extends similar species and the dugong from Australia to Japan in Madagascar.


Knows lake can reach 4 meters (13 feet) and weigh 590 kilograms (1,300 pounds). It has a flexible and founded upper lip for communication, social interaction, and food. About half of the day sleep, and we know they live up to 60 years. Some studies indicate they have good memories and are as intelligent as dolphins. All types, except the Amazon Sea, move between fresh and salted water. Did you know? In the South American country of Guyana, the lake knows have been temporarily held in certain channels and sailors to keep them free of algae.


Do you want to see a lake room? It is possible to swim with sea keys in certain parts of Florida. They meet in Florida Hot Springs to stay warm in winter. Seekühe is in danger. One of the reasons is that it moves slowly and generally travels at no more than 8 kilometres or 5 miles per hour. Related to the fact that you can stay on the surface of the water, you are sensitive to boat attacks. The lake knows that surviving such collisions carry shredded scars on their bodies and dicks. Would you like to draw a lovely room in the cartoons? This simple cartoon tutorial and step-by-step is there to show you bağcılar escort how.


Drawing a Manatee

Step 1:

First, draw the eye of the Seekuh. Use curved lines to describe the rounded shape. Note the pointed corner. Draw a circle in a circle in the eye and shade between you to display the student. Draw a curved line on the eye for the eyelid and a thick curved line to form the eyebrow.

Step 2:

Use curved lines to describe the second eye. Note how the final final result forms the top of the cheek. Draw a circle in a circle in the eye and the shadow between them. Use a curved line to contain the eyelid and a thick curved line for the eyebrow.

Step 3:

Draw your mouth with a large and rounded “W” shape. Draw a curved line in the area and another between the sides of the “W.”

Step 4:

Shadow two tears in the middle of the “W” to display the nostrils. Draw a curved line next to everyone. Then draw many short curved lines which extend out of the cheeks to form the mustache.

Step 5:

Use two curved lines overlapping to draw the lake head’s top.

Step 6:

Draw a long curved line to describe the body of the lake.

Step 7:

Draw a curved line of the cheek to sketch the belly of the nautical hem and another to display the base of the neck. Then develop a curved line and double it to form the pinball machine.

Step 8:

Draw another long curved line on your stomach and double it to form the remaining pinball. Draw curved lines based on the pinball machine to display your shoulder.

Step 9:

How to draw a Manatee

Draw a long curved line to put an end to your stomach and put the rounded tail of the lake.

Step 10:

How to draw a Manatee

Color your lake. They are generally gray or brown and can cultivate green algae on your body.

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